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ISSN No. 1613-1045

Lake Abaya Research Symposium LARS 2004 - Catchment and Lake Research


  • Ababu Taklemariam & Bernd Wenclawiak
    “Water Quality Monitoring within the Abaya Chamo Drainage Basin”
  • Ababu Teklemariam & Bernd Wenclawiak
    "Water Qualities in the Lake Abaya Chamo Basin"
  • Abate Negede
    “Optimisation of Irrigation Efficiency”
  • Abebe Sine & Semu Moges
    "Regional Flood Frequency Model for the Blue Nile River Basin"
  • Adana Abebe
    “Application of Artificial Neural Network to Forecarst Monthly Discharges of the Bilate River”
  • Adane Abebe
    “Hydrological Drought Analyses: Occurrence, Severity, Risks”
  • Adane Abebe
    “Parameter Optimisation for Regional Hydrology Model in Wabe Shebele Basin, SE Ethiopia”
  • Alemayehu
    “Decision Support System for Abbey River”
  • Bernd Wenclawiak, Ulrike Koch & Thorsten Schmeck
    “Analytical Chemistry Challenges for Investigation of Sediments”
  • Binyam Yoseph & Hans-B. Horlacher
    “Possibilities of Design and Operation of Hydraulic Structures with Respect to Suspended Sediment Load by Modelling Hydrological-Sedimentological Responses of a River System”
  • Bogale Gebremariam, Brigitta Schütt & Gerd Förch
    “Recent Monitoring of Suspended Sediment Stress, Selected Water Quality Parameters and Meteorological Forcing on Lake Abaya, Southern Ethiopia”
  • Brigitta Schütt, Bernd Wenclawiak & Gerd Förch
    "Lake Abaya, Southern Ethiopia: Silting and Contamination of a Natural Freshwater Reservoir due to soil erosion processes in its hinterland – A Case Study from the Northern Lake Area”
  • Brigitta Schütt & Stefan Thiemann
    “Kulfo River, Southern Ethiopia, Regulator of Lake Level Changes in the Lake Abaya – Lake Chamo Basin”
  • Chris Annen
    “Watershed Management Measures in Tigray Region”
  • Chris Shisanya & Zachary Kwena
    “An Analysis of Accessibility and Pricing of Rural Domestic Water Supply - A Case Study of Kakamega District, Kenya”
  • Dagnachew Legese, Christine Vallet-Coulomb & Francoise Gasse
    “Hydrological Response of a Catchment to Climate and Land Use Changes in Tropical Africa: Case Study South Central Ethiopia”
  • Daniel Kassahun
    "Potentials and Constraints of Space Technology Applications for Sustainable Management of Ethiopian Lakes"
  • Esheta Demissew
    “Water Balance Model, Impact Assessment and Drainage Parameters of Lake Beseka Basin Under Limited Date Base Situation”
  • Gerd Förch & Brigitta Schütt
    “Integrated Watershed Management: A Question of Managing Water, Soil and Energy Resources for the Future”
  • Gerd Förch & Semu Moges
    “The AWTI Project”
  • Guchie Gulie
    "The Relative Contribution of Parameters of the Water Balance Equation to the Rising Water Table Phenomenon in the Alluvial Basin of Haryana, India"
  • Guchie Gulie
    “Groundwater potentials in Lake Abaya Chamo Basin”
  • Hans-B. Horlacher
    “Rivers in the Abaya Chamo Basin - Research Activities for a Sustainable Use and Management of the Water Resource”
  • Heiko Stötzel, Jürgen Jensen & Bernd Wenclawiak
    "Investigation of Water Quality of the Kulfo River"
  • Jens Beck et al. & Brigitta Schütt (ed.)
    "Watershed Management in the Abaya-Chamo Basin, South Ethiopia"
  • Jörg Weber & Jürgen Jensen
    “Hydro Power Potentials in Kulfo River”
  • Joy Obando
    “Catchment Modelling for Planning Use of Land and Water Resources in Semi-Arid Areas”
  • Jürgen Jensen
    "Water Treatment with LEGIO Filter and Pressure Increase System"
  • Jürgen Jensen, Jan-Eric Kapp, Jörg Wieland & Mekuria Beyene
    “MILLS – Development and Implementation of a Concept for the Use of Water Mills for Small Electrification as well as the Operation of Oil Presses and Corn Mills in Rural Residential Areas in Developing Countries - The Case Study of Ethiopia"
  • Kassa Tadele & Fekade Yohannis
    “Evaluation of the Performance of Surface Irrigation Mathods at Melka Werer, Middle Awash Vallley"
  • Kassa Tadele, Hans-B. Horlacher & G. Förch“Small Scale Irrigation Efficiency and Optimisation od the System within the Context of Integrated Watershed Management - The Case of the Rift Valley Lake Basin, Ethiopia"
  • Mirko Gregor, Brigitta Schütt & Gerd Förch
    “Spatiotemporal Variability of Land Use and Land Cover in the Abaya-Chamo-Basin, Southern Ethiopia, since 1981"
  • Mulugeta Jovani
    "Growth, Mortality and Exploitation Rates Of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus L. in Lake Langano (Ethiopian Rift Valley)"
  • Negash Wagesho & Seleshi Bekele
    "GIS Based Irrigation Suitability Analysis - A Case Study of Abaya-Chamo basin, Southern Rift Vally of Ethiopia"
  • Nigussie Tekle & Hans-B. Horlacher
    “Investigation of Performance of Sediment Transport Formulae in Natural Rivers Based on Measured Data in Kulfo River, Southern Ethiopia”
  • Robert Bussert & Brigitta Schütt
    “Geomorphologic and Sedimentological Evidence for Holocene Lake Level Changes of Lake Ashengi, Northern Ethiopia”
  • Robi Redda
    “Environmental Risk Evaluation of the Awash River Basin, Ethiopia”
  • Seleshi Bekele
    “Integrated Water Resources Management – A Vision and a Programme”
  • Seleshi Bekele & Hans-B. Horlacher
    “LACB Drainage System and Lake Morphometry”
  • Seleshi Bekele & Hans-B. Horlacher
    “Water Balance of the Lakes Abaya & Chamo under Limited Data Situation and Impact Scenario Modelling”
  • Semu Moges
    “Water Research Needs and AWTI perspectives”
  • Semu Moges & Felix Mtalo
    “Spatial Modelling and Assessment of the Sustainability of Rainfed Agriculture Using Dry-Spell Analysis - A Case Study of Pangani River Basin, Tanzania"
  • Stefan Thiemann & Gerd Förch
    "Water Resource Assessment in the Bilate River Catchment - Precipitation Variability"
  • Semu Moges, Gerd Förch & Jens Bender
    “Monitoring of Watershed Measures in South Gondar”
  • Stefan Thiemann, Bogale Gebremariam & Gerd Förch
    “Lake Abaya Research Station”
  • Stefan Thiemann, Brigitta Schütt & Gerd Förch
    “Development and Application of a Soil Erosion Risk Model - The Case Study of the Bilate River Catchment, Southern Ethiopia”
  • Stefan Thiemann, Brigitta Schütt & Gerd Förch
    "Comparative Analysis of Soil Erosion and Land Degradation in different Scales – A Case Study of the Southern Ethiopian Rift Valley"
  • Stefan Thiemann, Gerd Förch & Semu Moges
    “AWTI Research Data Base”
  • Susanne Blumberg & Brigitta Schütt
    “Spatial Distribution of Lake Sediments in the Central Lake Abaya (South-Ethiopia)"
  • Tenalem Ayenew
    “Recent Contrasting Lake Level Changes in Ethiopia”
  • Thilo Wemmer & Brigitta Schütt
    “Drainage Basin Morphometry of the Abaya-Chamo-Basin, Southern Ethiopia”
  • Thorsten Schmeck & Bernd Wenclawiak
    “Monitoring of Insecticide Levels in Sediment Cores from Lake Abaya Using Solvent Extraction and GC/MS”
  • Tobias Humberg, Jürgen Jensen & Bernd Wenclawiak
    "Investigation for the Use of the Hare River, Arba Minch, Ethiopia"
  • Walter Huppert
    “What is IWRM? Towards Situation Conformity in Integrated Water Resources Management”
  • Wiebke Förch & Gerd Förch
    “Watershed Management and food Security in Ethiopia - A Case Study of the Boji Watershed in West Shewa”
  • Yared Tigabu
    “Lake Ziway and its Fishery”
  • Zelalem Hailu
    “Selection of Optimum Small Hydropower Sites with the Application of Optimisation Techniques: The Case of the Gelana Basin in Ethiopia”


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