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FWU Water Resources Publications Volume No: 06 / 2007


ISSN No. 1613-1045

LARS 2007 "Catchment and Lake Research"


  • Förch, G.
    Assistance to Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI) - A Brief History of German Project Support and its Impacts on the Ethiopian and German Partners


  • Content
    • Huppert, W.
      IWRM and Water Governance - Striving for ’Incentive Compatibility’ in the Water Sector -
    • Sikaona, A.
      Conflict Management in Lower Moshi Irrigation Scheme, Kilimanjaro
    • Zeray, L.
      Climate Change Impact on Lake Ziway Watershed Water Availability, Ethiopia
    • Kimwaga, R.
      Evaluation of the Suitability of Pangani Falls Redevelopment (Hydro Power) Project in Pangani River Basin, Tanzania: An IWRM Approach
    • Bamutaze, Y.
      An Assessment of Stream Discharges and Sediment Load and their Implications to the Environmental Health on Mt. Elgon, Eastern Uganda
    • Bracken, P.
      Sanitation, IWRM and food security – closing the loops to achieve the targets
    • Förch, G.
      IWM – Integrated Watershed Management and Sanitation
    • Moges, S.
      Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System (FFEWS) an Alternative Technology for Flood Management System and Damage Reduction in Ethiopia: A Concept Note
    • Habte, A.
      Application of Wasim Distributed Water Balance Simulation Model to the Abbay River Basin
    • Ongor, D.
      Integrating Water Resource Management and Flood Management: A Community Participatory Approach A Case study of the Nyando river watershed in Kenya
    • Horlacher, H.
      Integrated River Restoration in Urban Areas
    • Heyer, T.
      Analysis of dyke breaks during the 2002 flood in Saxony/Germany
    • Abebe, A.
      Reconstructing Hydrological Drought Using Proxy Data -the case of Wabi Shebele River Basin
    • Sabai, S.
      The Application of Curve Number Method to Estimate the Impact of the Land Use and Land Covers Change on Water Resources A case study of Kihansi River Catchment, Tanzania
    • Thiemann, S.
      Modelling Erosion and Soil Erosion Risk under Limited Data Situation in Developing Countries
    • Tadele, K.
      Impact of Land Use / Cover Change on Streamflow: The Case of Hare River Watershed, Ethiopia
    • Onywere, S.
      Intensification of Agriculture as the Driving Force in the Degradation of Nzoia River Basin: the Challenges of Watershed Management Catchment and Lake Research LARS 2007
    • Shisanya, C.
      Farmer Tree Nurseries as a Catalytst for Developing Sustainable best Management Land Use Practices in the Nile River Basin: Case Studies from East Africa
    • Chekol, D.
      Application of SWAT for assessment of spatial distribution of water resources and analyzing impact of different land management practices on soil erosion in Upper Awash River Basin watershed
    • Amdihun, A.
      GIS and Remote sensing integrated Environmental Impact Assessment of Irrigation Project in Finchaa Valley Area
    • Asha, A.
      Influence of uncontrolled land use and urbanization on the hydrochemistry and contamination of groundwater from wolaita Soddo town and its environs, south Ethiopia
    • Sustersic, L.
      Multilateral versus bilateral agreements for the establishment of river based organizations: comparison of legal, economic and social benefits in the Zambian experience
    • Obando, J.
      A Framework for Integrated Management of Transboundary Basins: The case of Sio sub-catchment in East Africa
    • Ayenew, T.
      Comparative study of the hydrology and hydrogeology of selected Ethio-Kenyan rift lakes
    • Emmanuel, P.
      Study of Nitrogen Transformation in Lake Victoria
    • Beyene, T.
      Hydrologic impacts of climate change on the Nile River flow: Implications of the 2006 IPCC climate scenarios
    • Tessera, A.
      Integrated Water Resource Management and Trans-Boundary Water Resources: The Case of Eastern Nile Basin
    • Bekele, S.
      Abaya-Chamo Lakes Physical and Water Resources Characteristics, including Scenarios and Impacts
    • Teklie, N.
      Bed Load Transport in Armoured Gravel-bed River: Case Study of Kulfo River, Southern Ethiopia
    • Gebremariam, B.
      Composition and Distribution of the Surficial Sediment in Lake Abaya
    • Dafalla, M.
      Assessment of Sand Encroachment Using Remote Sensing and GIS: Case Study Dongola Area, Sudan
    • Birhanu, Z.
      Application of SWAT Model for Mountainous Catchment
    • Gebrewubet, Y.
      Modeling of Koka Reservoir Sedimentation


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