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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Riegel

Short CV

Born in 1966. Studying Catholic Theology (Diploma, 1988-1992) and Mathematics/Catholic Theology ("Erstes Staatsexamen für Gymnasien", 1990-1995) at Würzburg and Rome. Internship at German Gymnasium for Mathematics and Religious Education at Würzburg and Ansbach ("Zweites Staatsexamen", 1996-1998). Doctoral studies on a scholarship in the graduate programme „Gender Difference in Religious Symbol Systems“ at the Julius-Maximilians Universität, Würzburg (1998-2000). Junior Researcher at the Institute for Religious Education, Würzburg (2000-2003). Postgraduate assistant and research associate at the Institute for Religious Education, Würzburg (2000-2008). From 2004 to 20012 Secretary of the International Society of Empitical Research in Theology. Since 2008 Professor of Practical Theology / Religious Education at the University of Siegen. From 2010 to 2014 Chair of the Educational Research Network at the University of Siegen. From 2013 to 2017 Coordinator of EARLI's SIG 19 "Religious and Spiritual Education". Since January 2017 Speaker of the AKRK-Section Didactics.

Membership in academic networks:
Arbeitsgemeinschaft katholischer ReligionspädagogInnen und KathechetInnen (AKRK)
International Society of Empirical Research in Theology (ISERT)
International Academy of Practical Theology (IAPT)
European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)