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Dr. Ababu Teklemariam

Ababu Teklemariam

PhD-studies in Siegen between 2001 and 2004 about Water-quality-studies in FB 8 in a co-operational project of water economy lead by Prof. Förch and analytical chemistry lead by Prof. Wenclawiak.

Ababu Teklemariam is born in Ethiopia and works nowadays as a Postdoc at the University Arba Minch in his home country Ethiopia. His second obligation is a leading position in the ROSA-Project, which is about Resource Oriented Sanitation concepts for peri-urban areas of Africa. This project is sponsored by the EU in the 6th framework program with sub priority of global change and ecosystems. Ababu Teklemariam is very conscious about the difficulties of development aid and policy and he is concerned about the cultural and political situation in Africa.

Momentarily I´m working as...

an assistant Professor, teaching post graduate programs. I am a coordinator of the ROSA-Project on the University side, which runs from 2006 until 2009 and deals with the resource oriented sanitation in peri-urban areas of Africa.

I´m motivated doing my job because of:

Well, it´s my profession. I´ve been doing this for the last 20 years and I´m kind of used to it. Besides, I´m motivated by the studies I made: The professional knowledge, the practical experience, it is actually an education of life, the experience of the last 24 years. This all together makes me feel confident and motivated doing this kind of work. Furthermore I want to do a good job for my country, for my people. I want to be useful for my country because it spent a lot of money to educate me. This was very important for me. In Africa education costs a lot of money, especially at the University. In my opinion, particularly people who are educated must give back more than anybody else to their country, because they owe their country responsibility. Development and change can only come about if educated people can really contribute most positively to their country. Unfortunately some people leave their country in Africa and go to America or Canada. I feel that is morally incorrect. The University invested a lot of money in me, now I spend there a lot of time and I´m always proud and thankful, what has been invested for me. I am doing the best for my country which is my responsibility.

During my academic studies in Siegen...

I had really good experiences. I met a lot of interesting people and professors, I attended some classes and did some laboratory work, read a lot of scientific journals that were helpful for my future career. I only came here because of my PhD-Studies, but in the process I learned things that I never thought I would learn.

Why I studied in Siegen:

I have known Prof. Förch for 24 years already, he was my teacher and he taught me about water quality, hydrology and water resources. He was very important for my education and my present profession. In the University, where I was studying, Prof. Förch taught and coordinated the PhD-Projects as well as the exchange program of students from Siegen. A lot of German students did their final diploma thesis in Ethiopia that’s why Prof. Förch arranged a scholarship that I could go to Siegen.

What I would recommend future graduates:

From my own experience, education will not guarantee success, neither holding a degree, like a title (Dr., Prof., Dipl., M.A. etc.) does and therefore it might not be relevant for you. What I mean is, if I think, that I get everything because of my degree, then I´m fooling myself and therefore I advise: To graduate is one thing and it might be a bit painful, but you really have to make a lot of effort, succeeding in life. Education is actually just the base, it is only a foundation, but you have to build up this foundation, otherwise you waste your time if you just wait, until something passes your way. You must make value of your time and build a success for yourself.


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