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Founder alumni network

The companies and start-ups of our Founder Alumni are as diverse as the University of Siegen and the region of South Westphalia. By bringing together the members of the University and the founders we enable a profitable exchange of ideas and contacts for mutual success.
Through our events, founder portraits and a sustainable partnership with the Entrepreneurship Center of the University, we offer a broad basis of cooperation and synergy for both companies and people interested in starting a business themselves.

With our networking events we offer both founders and people interested in founding a chance to get in touch with each other in an informal and uncomplicated way in order to create sustainable contacts.
The regular event series „Let‘s Talk Tacheles!“ brings together our Founder Alumni at various locations of the University of Siegen. During the event straight and open talk is the motto - questions by the audience are the main focus of attention. Click here to read more

With our Founder Alumni Portraits we offer an insight into a variety of start-up stories.
Whether a company was startet while still at University or afterwards - the numerous start-ups and businesses founded by Alumni of the University of Siegen show it‘s innovative power and inherent founding spirit. Click here to read more

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