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Networking events


In our network events, we offer founders and those interested in startups the opportunity to easily connect with each other and create sustainable connections. The series "Let's Talk Tacheles!" regularly brings our Founder Alumni together at various locations of the University of Siegen. In this event, straight talk is the order of the day, and the audience is always at the center of the discussion!


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Start-up & Familie – Let’s Talk Tacheles

(28.11.2023) In this panel discussion from our series "Let's Talk Tacheles," the focus was on how challenges in "family management" can be intertwined with the establishment of one's own business - how a satisfying balance between family obligations and the demands of entrepreneurship can be achieved. Despite challenging winter weather conditions causing difficult traffic on November 28th, young founders and those interested in entrepreneurship gathered at Leo (Learning Space) on the AR Campus of the university in Haardt to exchange experiences and gain insights from guest speakers on successful family and start-up management. Here for the retrospective.

Tech Tacheles – Innovation from South Westphalia

(07.08.2023) Deep & Hard Tech Venturing was the focus in July at the Founder Alumni Talk series "Let's Talk Tacheles!" This time, we had the pleasure of welcoming three Founder Alumni who founded their ventures close to the University of Siegen. As part of the innovative industrial region of South Westphalia, they discussed the challenges of research-intensive entrepreneurship with students and university staff. Here for the retrospective.

Tacheles International – More than Just PepTalk

(16.05.2023) International perspectives for startups - that was the theme of the May edition of Let's Talk Tacheles. Three Founder Alumni from very different business areas discussed the opportunities and pitfalls of internationally active companies, multinational teams, and sometimes challenging work cultures with students and university staff at the University of Siegen. Here for the retrospective.

Let's Talk Tacheles! Founder Alumni Speak Out

(16.05.2022) On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the University of Siegen, seven Founder Alumni came together on May 13, 2022, in the Friedrich-Schadeberg lecture hall at the Lecture Center on the Unteres Schloss campus to engage in intensive and controversial discussions with the audience about the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship and their experiences from their own startups. Here for the retrospective.

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