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Never Stop Innovations GmbH

"Never stop" not only stands in the name of his company but also reflects the mindset of founder Till Helbig. The motto means not to stand still, but to keep going and initiate improvements.

How did you come up with the idea for "never stop innovations"?

In 2020, I worked for a small e-commerce company and quickly realized that I actually have the skills and knowledge to run an online business myself and would really enjoy it. All I was missing was a product. Throughout my studies, I kept a list where I collected all sorts of exciting ideas. From this list, I grabbed the most market-ready idea and implemented it.

Which project from your idea collection did you choose?

This product is about a plate that can be covered with a glass hood and then stacked and stored in the refrigerator. Instead of arranging breakfast cuts like sausage and cheese nicely on a plate and then squeezing them back into plastic packaging, with my product, you can experience the brunch feeling every day.

However, the development is still in its early stages. Currently, a prototype is still being developed. Therefore, I also work as a service provider in e-commerce, where I build online shops and advertise for other companies. As long as I don't market my own products yet, I can earn my living with it. It's even going so well that soon I will be founding my own agency specializing in webshops with a classmate from college.

How did you finance your start-up?

So far, I have been able to invest my savings from my parents in the founding of the GmbH. In the future, I want to apply for start-up scholarships with the existing prototypes. The first production is to be financed through a KfW loan.

What was the biggest challenge in founding your company?

For me, the issue of time has been a problem, especially. Often, expectations regarding the required time could not be met, and that has always held back my own development a bit.

What are your plans for the future? Further development?

In the long run, I envision NEVER STOP Innovations as a platform where customers come to me with their ideas, and together we implement projects from financing to development to marketing.

What advice do you have for other founders?

I advise always discussing your own ideas with others. Otherwise, you get into your head - not into a vicious circle - but into an "angel circle". You keep talking yourself into your idea more beautifully and may not notice where the pitfalls are.

This portrait is based on an interview with Till Helbig in May 2022 and was written by Janice Gust.


Here to the homepage of the start-up.

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