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Involvement & contribution

As an alumni of the University of Siegen you are able to participate in and actively shape our network. You can support the university and, in particular, its students in a broad and multifacetted way, whether financially or interpersonally. Your expertise can provide our students with insights into your profession and open various ways to progress along a certain career path. As a creative mind and facilitator, you are an important partner in fostering collaborations across the university. Get involved in these processes at the University of Siegen; contribute to the network and shape your university-wide community.


There are various formats and projects through which alumni can share their experiences with students, support their entry into a particular profession and act as a facilitator for collaborative projects. By doing so, you are able to open the door to the professional world of work for current students. We hope to include you into our mentoring-programmes, invite you to one of our panels or ask you to give a talk in which you share hands-on knowledge. You can furthermore invite students or partners from various fields of research into your company to share practical knowledge.



As a financial sponsor of our alumni-projects at the University of Siegen, you can support students and the university itself. "Create a common future"; your contribution can help to realise the university's mission statement by suporting break-through scientific research and fostering teaching and research initiatives. Helping to implement forward-looking projects at the University of Siegen will enable scientific breakthroughs for the benefit of society.