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.programme 'Forscher-Alumni' - Research Alumni Programme

shaping the future together - platform for international research and networking

The programme 'Forscher–Alumni’ (‘research alumni’) was designed to serve international guest researchers of the University of Siegen as a platform for research and networking. We are continuing to extend the network with our research alumni so that we can provide special offers for them and to actively integrate them and their contributions into the scientific and alumni network of the University of Siegen. The programme 'Forscher–Alumni’ is a cooperation between the Welcome Center, the International Service of the University Siegen and the Alumniverbund, the Alumni Network of the University Siegen.

We are looking for  ‘Forscher-Alumni’!

We would like to extend our research alumni network!

  • Are you an international alumnus/alumna of the University of Siegen and are currently working abroad in Science and Research?
  • Or you have spent a research period as an international scientist at our university?
  • Or are you currently spending your time as a guest scientist, PhD student or postdoc in a research role at the University of Siegen?

Then you are our ‘Forscher-Alumni’!

  • This means that you are an important partner for our university research and education.
  • You are also important multipliers and partners for the young future scientists at our university. We would like to keep contact and foster a sustainable exchange of ideas with you.

Join the network here!


Return for Research Grants – Call 2018

Re-inviting former international Guest Researchers (Research Alumni) from any department of the University of Siegen

The application period is currently open till 12th February 2018 to someone who is planning to visit from the 1st of April 2018 until the 31st of December 2018. You can download the call here

Dr. Gouri Shankar Giri

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Physics Department, University of Siegen

Our Programme, your participation

Keep in touch, share your experience, return for research, on-side activities,...

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Keep in touch, share your experience
We are focusing on direct exchange within the Research Alumni Network and providing first-hand information to this community. Due to this we are using different tools (newsletter, social media etc.) and communication channels on the local ("Stammtisch") and supraregional level.

"Return for Research Grants"
The goal of this measure is to involve former international researchers in the activities to strengthen our global academic network, to initiate further cooperation, and to support future academics at the University of Siegen. Applicants can be professors, private lecturers and academic consultants in their role as host/hostess of the Research Alumni from any department at the University of Siegen. Funding will be prioritised towards applications which ultimately propose sustainable research collaboration between the alumnus/alumna and the host/hostess from the University of Siegen. Thus, joint publications, external fundraising and other such objectives will be viewed favourably. The first application period has expired. The second application period is currently open to someone who is planning to visit from the 1st of April 2018 until the 31st of December 2018. You can download the call here: The Application Deadline is 12th of Feburay 2018.

Forscher-Alumni-Conference / On-site activities
Our mission is to support already existing or planned activities with Research Alumni contributions. Please feel free to request our assistance.

'Zukunftsblick'. The Forscher-Alumni-Academy / Encounters
We are able to offer appropriated training programmes for research alumni, scientists and young researchers by referring to services of the University of Siegen (for example Hochschuldidaktik). Through these programmes we can foster new forms of interaction and exchange.

Your contribution

as ambassador, as mentor,...

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Ambassador programme
With the experience from your research visits at our university, you are an ideal candidate to draw the attention of interested young scientists and research collegues to the variety of possibilities for research and cooperation with scientists at the University of Siegen.

Mentoring programme
With your extensive expertise, you are sincerely invited to provide support and act as mentors to young scientists at our university (PhD-students), in order to advise them on questions related to international careers in science and research.