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Our international presence

student laptop Faculty II: Education- Architecture- Arts is internationally organized and interconnected at all levels of its activities - in research, teaching and artistic expression. The researchers of our faculty are a living part of the worldwide research network through memberships and functions in international institutions and societies, international publications and expert activities, lectures and guest professorships at prestigious international universities as well as through ongoing cooperations with international universities. The artists from the departments of architecture, arts and music are equally outstanding: performances, recordings, exhibitions, projects, master classes and lectures all over the world and reviews in international media make them interesting and internationally acknowledged representatives of the University of Siegen. Multinational conferences, events for young scientists and international publications demonstrate the vibrant scientific exchange between Faculty II and its partners and partner universities around the world.

Facilities and events

partyInternational guests regularly come to Faculty II for events, conferences and symposia. A very special concern in this sense is to routinely welcome our numerous, international students. For example, after a longer break due to the pandemic, our international faculty meeting took place on October 21, 2021, to which all international students of Faculty II as well as those interested in matters of internationalization were invited. Together we discussed important, future-relevant topics such as cultural education (Prof. Dr. Gabriele Weiß) and smartphone use in early childhood (Prof. Dr. Jutta Wiesemann). The internationally operating artist Yalda Yazdani enriched the evening with a musical performance on the tar, an Iranian stringed instrument.

In addition, artistic and artistic-scientific exchange characterizes the traditional Siegen lecture series Bau(sch) und Bogen in the subject of architecture, which repeatedly attracts leading lights of the international architecture scene to the "Krönchenstadt". The department also offers its own internationally organized certificate course with the title International Planning and Building. In the field of music, the Studio for New Music has grown since 1995 into a series of events at the very crossroads of new music and its interdisciplinary networks, which regularly brings leading international musicians and ensembles to Siegen and has thus become a focus of new music in the German university environment. Auch das The Siegen Center for Social Science Education Research (SiZe) also has an international scope. For example, it cooperates with the German University in Cairo and the UNHCR in the project "Learn-Move-Play-Ground 2". The ZPE (Center for Planning and Evaluation of Social Services) also has a strong international dimension and is internationally networked, particularly through research on foster children and social participation for people with disabilities.

Study abroad

pexels-zen-chung-5537998Students of Faculty II do not only benefit from international events at the University of Siegen. Research contacts and regular representation of the subjects of Faculty II in the international university landscape provide a basis for various forms of stays abroad. For those interested, important information is available here Further information on the topic of stays abroad can be found under the menu item Outgoing.


Contact persons for internationalization are the Vice Dean for International Affairs, Transfer and Young Academics: Prof. Dr. Florian Heesch (prodekan.internationales@bak.uni-siegen.de) and the Departmental Advisor for Young Academics and International Affairs: Dr. Josephine Krüge (josephine.krueger@uni-siegen.de)

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