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WG Internationalization

On the basis of the new internationalization concept of Faculty II, a working group on internationalization was formed. In close cooperation with the International Office and representatives from the other faculties, it works on initiatives for exchange and networking between the different disciplines of Faculty II with partner universities and research institutes abroad.

International Cooperations

Faculty II works intensively with international partner universities and is constantly establishing new partnerships around the world. Students and researchers have the opportunity to participate in exchanges at the corresponding partner universities. If you are interested in a study visit, an internship or a research stay at one of these partner institutions, please contact us.

Similarly, if you are a university located abroad and are interested in establishing a cooperation with a subject represented by Faculty II, please contact us.

 NTNU Trondheim, Norway, and the University of Ghana were selected as focused partners of Faculty II. This means that partner exchanges and other cooperations will be facilitated in the future. Corresponding memoranda of understanding have already been signed.

Fokussierte Partner | Universität Siegen (uni-siegen.de) 

Classes in English

Faculty II is committed to offering events in English on a regular basis. An overview of all English-language course offerings is currently being compiled.

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