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5th HiPEAC International Workshop on “Integration of Mixed-Criticality Subsystems on Multi-Core and Manycore Processors”, January 25, 2017 | Stockhholm, Sweden

The workshop will be broadly disseminated through HiPEAC and EMSIG, especially addressing all partners of the European Mixed-Criticality Cluster, consisting of the large three European research projects DREAMS, PROXIMA, CONTREX and their associated projects EMC2, CRYSTAL, SAFURE and SAFEPOWER.

Modern embedded applications typically integrate a multitude of functionalities with potentially different criticality levels into a single system. Without appropriate preconditions, the integration of mixed-criticality subsystems can lead to a significant and potentially unacceptable increase of engineering and certification costs. This workshop focuses on solutions for the integration of mixed-criticality subsystems on multi-core processors and virtualization solutions such as hypervisors. Key topics are multicore architectures, software solutions (tools & building blocks) and extra-functional requirements such as energy-power-thermal management, security and safety. Major technical results from most representative EC research projects in the field of mixed-criticality will be presented.


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