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Programmübersicht Zagreb, 25.09.2012

Plenary presentation:
Using mixed qualitative methods to capture the interactions and practices of foster youth's everyday life in a new foster familyLena Hedin, University of Orebro, Sweden

Review of foster care research in Croatia
Ivana Jeđud Borić, Maja Laklija, University of Zagreb, Croatia

APFEL Network’s Lifebook, telling the tale of a newborn in European Foster Care Cooperation, Robert Theisen, APFEL Network
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Development of foster care in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Andrea Puhalić, Olivera Grbić, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foster care in Slovenia
Špela Pucelj, Tamara Lah, Lea Mikša, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Unique foster care database
Dobrila Grujić, Center for Family Placement of Children and Youth, Serbia

Westernised fostering: Ghana’s Care Reform Initiative
Pascal Rudin, University of London, UK

Qualitative methods in research of foster care – What can we learn from qualitative research?
Maja Laklija, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Providing long-term security for young children in care
Roger Bullock, Social Research Unit at Dartington, UK

Who are the parents of the foster child when placed in a foster family?
Daniel Coum, APFEL Network, France

Improving foster care practice from research: attending all points of view through cooperative action research
Nuria Fuentes-Peláez, Crescencia Pastor, Pere Amorós, Cruz Molina, Ainoa Mateos, University of Barcelona, SpainMªAngels Basells, University of Lleida, Spain

Sources of stress in foster care: The stressful situations in foster care scale

Dajana Damjanović, Ivana Mihić, University of Novi Sad, SerbiaVesna Šilić, Social Welfare Centre, Novi sad, Serbia

Once in care: young adults recall their life in foster care
Marco Ius, Sara Serbati, Paola Milani, University of Padova, Italy

Foster care experiences of children with emotional and behaviour problems in Croatia
Ivana Jeđud Borić, University of Zagreb, Croatia

The quality of foster care service
Nelli Petrova-Dimitrova, Sofia University, Bulgaria

Quality of Life of Children and Youth with Intellectual Difficulties in Foster Care
Snježana Sekušak Galešev, Daniela Bratković, Ljiljana Pintarić Mlinar, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Biographies of Foster Children
Daniela Reimer, Dirk Schäfer, University of Siegen, Germany

How to support birth parents?
Cinzia Canali, Giulia Barbero Vignola Zancan Foundation, Italy

Methods of participation of children in the project „Children perspective of foster care“
Antonija Žižak, Nivex Koller-Trbović, Ivana Jeđud Borić, Ivana Maurović, Anja Mirosavljević, Gabrijela Ratkajec Gašević, University