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STARTING: Student Admission, Registration and Training in German Language

The Department STARTING is responsible for applications and admission of international degree students as well as the enrollment of international degree, exchange and short-term students.

They also offer DSH preparatory German language courses for students who plan to enroll in a degree program and provide German courses, help and support for refugees.

Student Services Organization: Cafeterias and Student Residences

The Student Services Organization Siegen (Studierendenwerk Siegen) provides residence halls and runs dining halls and cafeterias on our campuses. Full meals, snacks and drinks are provided at affordable prices.

University Library

The University Library (UB) includes different buildings. The main university library is located on Campus Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR). Further branch libraries are on Campus Hölderlinstraße, Emmy-Noether-Campus (ENC), Paul-Bonatz-Campus (PB) and Campus Unteres Schloss (US).

ZIMT: Center for Information and Media Technology

The Center for Information and Media Technology (ZIMT) offers various IT services at the university. After enrollment, you receive your student e-mail address there. This e-mail address is connected with the ZIMT account, which is required for accessing the university WLAN, the moodle e-learning system, the CampusCloud sciebo or the PC pools. The ZIMT service is the first point of contact for general questions.

Language Center

Language courses offered by the Language Center are free of charge and open to all members of the University of Siegen. Course offerings are available on unisono. Placement tests are mandatory for German, English, Spanish, and French.

The Language Center also offers interesting services such as the language tandem, the language café and international film nights.

University Sports

Each semester students can sign up for a variety of courses provided by the university sports unit for a very low price. There is a new course program for the lecture period as well as for the non-lecture period.

Job Placement Center

The Job Placement Center of the University of Siegen provides help and support for students who are looking for part-time job, vacation job or an internship. They publish offers from companies, private employers, service companies, and authorities.

Career Service

The Career Service offers interdisciplinary courses, service and events which are open to all of our students who want to prepare for the start of a career, such as job application training and coaching.

Student Psychological Service

The Student Psychological Service provides psychological counsel and regular workshops for students of the university.

Family Service Office

The Family Service Office provides advice, support, and information about family issues and child care needs.

Disability Support & Inclusion

People with disabilities should have equal access to general higher education and lifelong learning without discrimination and equal opportunities in working life. In order to realize barrier-free structures, procedures and offers, the Disability Support and Inclusion was established at the University of Siegen under the responsibility of the Prorector for Education and Diversity. 

Equal Opportunity Office 

The Equal Opportunity Office supports and advises the university in the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men and initiates appropriate measures to eliminate the disadvantages that exist for women. To this end, they work closely with the Equal Opportunities Officer of the faculty and the Equal Opportunities Commission.


The various cafeterias have a varied menu offer. 

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