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Radio and TV License


Every person over the age of 18 registered in Germany must register with the Contribution Service for Radio and TV License and pay a monthly contribution of currently EUR 18.36. General Information on Radio and TV license are available in serveral languages on the website of the Contribution Service.

ONE apartment = ONE contribution!
If you live in a shared apartment only one of the tenants of the apartment needs to pay the radio and TV license to the Contribution Service and the other tenants of the shared apartment pay him or her their share. However, every tenant of a shared apartment must be registered! When registering, enter the contribution number of the paying person.

We advise you to register directly at the beginning of your studies. When you register at the City Office, your date of arrival and address in Germany is automatically forwarded to the Contribution Service. If you do not register early, the Contribution service will contact you after a few months at the latest and request an additional payment. Do not ignore the corresponging letters as costs will accumulate!

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Department of International Student Affairs or the consumer office in Siegen (Verbraucherzentrale Siegen).


Hinweise zum Einsatz der Google Suche