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A scholarship is the most convenient way to finance your studies in whole or in part. In most cases, scholarships are awarded by religious or political organizations or foundations, as well as by companies.

Most scholarship applications include a motivation letter, curriculum vitae/resume, recommendation letter or report issued by a tutor, supervisor or professor, as well as certificates providing evidence of language proficiency, academic achievements or social commitment. Remember that motivation letter and recommendation letter are important for your application and allow you to present yourself, your commitment to and interest in your study program.

Scholarships for Degree-Students

» Studienförderfonds and Deutschlandstipendium: scholarships awarded to selected students of the University of Siegen

Scholarship Search Engines

There are many different scholarships with very different criteria. Therefore, the easiest way is to use the search engines and filter your own criteria through them.

» German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): scholarships for international degree students of all fields
» Stipendienlotse
» myStipendium

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