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Eva Grottschreiber
Tel.: 0271-740 3916
Raum: AR-SSC 119

Review: Volunteer work at the Birkenhof (12.07.2019)

Visiting the organic farm Birkenhof

On Friday, the 12th of July, we visited the organic farm Birkenhof in Wilnsdorf-Rudersdorf to gain insight into what type of volunteer work it offers. We spent nearly all time outside and even though it was a rainy day, we had a lot of fun.

The organic farm Birkenhof

In the beginning, we helped in the green house by weeding tomatoes. It was very interesting to see all kinds of different tomatoes and vegetables. Afterwards, Mr Jungclaussen, one of the Birkenhof's owners, told us about the history and concept of the farm while we were drinking coffee and eating homemade apple and poppy seed cake. In short: Birkenhof belongs to Demeter, which is the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture. Its certification proves that they meet standards in production and processing, e.g. they are not allowed to use any pesticides (and they do not want to). After that, he showed us around the farm and we saw cows and pigs, the bakery where they only use wheat they had grown on their own fields, a donkey named Felicitas and the vegetable garden. In the end, we could buy delicious homemade food in the Birkenhof's own farm shop. 

At the Birkenhof, you can see animals, drink coffee, volunteer or buy food in the shop from Tuesday until Saturday. To get to the Birkenhof you can take the train from Siegen ZOB direction Dillenburg, and get off after 10 minutes at Wilnsdorf-Rudersdorf. From there you can take the bus R13 that takes you in 2 minutes to the Birkenhof. Alternatively, you can take the bus R13 from Siegen ZOB, which takes you directly to the organic farm in 45 minutes. For more information about the Birkenhof - click here


Volunteer work

We also talked about volunteer work: as a volunteer, you work at an organisation not to earn money, but to help people and gain experience. In Germany, volunteer work is a big part of German society and communal life. When you apply for work, it is very appreciated in every CV.
Volunteer work brings many benefits with it:

  • You work for a good cause helping people who are very grateful and dependent on your support
  • You get in contact with people outside of university
  • You enhance your knowledge in a topic which is not necessarily related to your studies
  • You learn more about yourself 
  • You receive a certificate of your work which proves your social skills and which you can attach to your application for a job
  • ... and it is fun! 

There are many possibilities to volunteer, for example in social institutions, in ambulance service, with animals or for an NGO. Herewe listed some contacts and addresses for volunteer work in the area of Siegen-Wittgenstein.   a.thickbox img {float: left; padding-right: 5px; height: 150px;}