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Eva Grottschreiber
Tel.: 0271-740 3916
Raum: AR-SSC 119

Review: Intercultural Training (20./21.09.2019)


On the 20th and 21st of September we participated in an Intercultural Training by Claudia Grothoff with the focus on German work mentality. We were an intercultural group of people from India, America, Palestine, Egypt and Germany.

On Friday, first we introduced ourselves and exchanged our expectations and questions of the workshop. We started the workshop by trying to define culture. Claudia presented to us the iceberg model where we learned that many aspects of culture are hidden; they are not visible for others. In two groups, we collected aspects of the German culture concerning to the iceberg model. Afterwards, Claudia explained us the different dimensions of culture and we tried to categorize ourselves. We also learned the German values like time orientation and task orientation. In the end of the day, we played a culture game called the The Yatzees & Yatzoos where we learned that every culture has his own habits and that it is necessary to make compromises to interact successfully with other cultures.

On Saturday, we talked about our experiences with the five culture shock stages: the honeymoon period, the crisis, the recovery, the acceptance and the reverse culture shock. In addition, we gave tips to the others how to get out of these stages. Then, we began to talk about the German business culture. In groups, we worked on four different subjects: the first meeting, German business communication style, how Germans negotiate and the project German style. Afterwards, we presented our results to the group. In the end, we played the intercultural game BARNGA that taught us a second time how to deal with different culture habits.

We had a productive workshop with good discussions, interesting topics and we all learned a lot about the German culture, work mentality and ourselves.  


Claudia Grothoff made a foto documentation about the workshop.