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Eva Grottschreiber
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Review: RoTho (18.10.2019)

International Breakfast

On the 18th November 2019, our 7th international breakfast took place.

Vladimir Sizikov from the company Robert Thomas presented the company’s history, tradition and future prospects. He was an international student himself and came to Germany in order to study and subsequently to work. After having worked for a bigger company in Bavaria, he came back to Nordrhine-Westfalia and is now, already for several years, innovation manager at RoTho in Neunkirchen. Students at the International Breakfast, who came from Turkey, Ghana, India or Cameroon, could relate to him as he was “the international” as well and knows about difficulties one is confronted with coming to a new country. He pointed out the significance of learning German as soon as possible: in midsize companies, the company’s language seldom is English.

At the end, Vladimir Sizikov answered the students’ questions and thus gave significant insights into his work and life experience in Germany.