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Review: Visit Deutsche Welle (25.10.2019)

Review Deutsche Welle On 25th October 2019, we were invited to visit Deutsche Welle (short: DW) in Bonn.


Deutsche Welle is a German state-owned public international broadcaster and has been broadcasting since 1953. As of 2018, around 1,500 employees and 1,500 freelancers from 60 countries work for Deutsche Welle for its offices in Bonn and Berlin. The Deutsche Welle speaker explained to us that for Deutsche Welle it is of utmost importance to have journalists onsite. This way, they can check on the quality and correctness of news immediately, plus they gain more insight into the actual life of war zones and crisis regions.
The DW service is available in 30 languages – if you have a look at their webpage you can chose in which language you want to read news. There are always additional news included with closer reference to the country in which your chosen language is spoken. Besides several European languages you can also chose e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, Pashto etc.

DW also offers a great opportunity to learn some more German: you can go to the section “Deutsch lernen” and read articles matching your German language level, or have them read to you in a slower speed.

Interestingly, the German participants have only remotely heard about Deutsche Welle, but actually did not know it properly. Compared to the international students who all had the Deutsche Welle App installed.

After an introduction in which the DW speaker told us about DW work and history and answered all our questions, we were guided around the whole DW building and got an insight into the buzzy atmosphere of an international broadcaster.