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Eva Grottschreiber
Tel.: 0271-740 3916
Raum: AR-SSC 119

Review: Recruitment Workshop (23.11.2019)

On the 23rd November 2019, SieguVer invited two professionals to lead a recruitment workshop.


On the 23rd November 2019, SieguVer invited two professionals to lead a recruitment workshop. One of them is Alumni of Uni Siegen and now works in Hamburg for one of the most known drugstores in Germany; the other is head of call center at one of the best known banks here in Siegen.


Together with the staff from SieguVer, the team organized a one-day recruitment workshop in which group activities and self-reflection were combined. The experiential tasks were designed to prepare participants for job interviews and assessment centres- which are the most common tools in selecting future employees.


Key questions which lead through the day were: How can you appeal to a promising employer without pretending to be someone else? How can you present yourself authentically? How do you not get lost in the shuffle - in bigger groups and under pressure? 


Within four different stages, every participant had to go through a group task, a mock interview, a case study and a work sheet. Thereby soft skills like teamwork, problem solving, critical observation, conflict resolution etc. were tested, practiced and afterwards commented by an observer group.


What participants said:

“it was helpful for own future interview preparation”

“it was a really engaging workshop which was expertly focused”

“fun and enjoyable”

“we got instant feedback and that was really helpful”

“gained a lot of new insights with the help of various activities”