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Eva Grottschreiber
Tel.: 0271-740 3916
Raum: AR-SSC 119

Excursion to the Bioenergiepark Saerbeck and City Tour Münster

 On Wednesday, the 21st of October, we visited the Bioenergiepark in Saerbeck to learn about renewable energy systems and how the city of Saerbeck benefits from the energy park. Afterwards we had a guided walking tour through Münster where we learned a lot about the hundred-year-old history of the city.

Visiting the Bioenergiepark in Saerbeck and the City of Münster

The Bioenergiepark Saerbeck

Our guide, Mr. Wallraven, awaited us already at the front gates of the park. He is the project manager of the climate council of Saerbeck. In front of a park sign, he firstly explained general information about the park: The area of the energy park was originally an ammunition dump of the German army. In 2011, the town of Saerbeck took over the area, which is roughly 90 hectares. With local investors it was possible to develop the Bioenergy park. By now, the energy park provides electrical energy for more than 18.000 households with the help of wind, solar and biogas energy.

After the introduction, it was time to visit one of the many wind turbines of the park. Despite the rain, it was an impressive view and after a few minutes and interesting facts about the wind turbine we were allowed to take a look inside the almost 150 meter high wind turbine.

We also visited the solar power system. The many solar power panels are installed on the former military bunkers. The biogas facilities were our last stop and Mr. Wallraven showed us plastic trash, which was found in the organic trash used for the bio gas. He emphasized how important waste separation is, so that the facility can work smoothly.

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Guided Walking Tour in Münster

After a satisfying lunch break at the canteen we headed to Münster which was half an hour drive from Saerbeck. Our Tourguide, Julia Wigbels, showed us this beautiful city and now we all remember that Münster is Germany’s bicycle city.  Münster has around 310.000 inhabitants, but almost twice as many bikes: 500.000 to be exact. Meanwhile the rain stopped and we could enjoy the beautiful architecture in the sun light. Münster is definitely worth a visit and it is not that far by train, it takes about three hours to get there and you can use your Semesterticket.

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 A big thank you to all participants and to Mr. Wallraven and Mrs. Wigbels! It was a great trip with you!