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Online Advent Special 2020

Join our zoom Advent Meetings every Monday at 6pm to celebrate together! We will play Christmas games, bake cookies and read Christmas stories!

This year we want to celebrate Chrismas with all of you together!

You are invited to join our zoom-meetings to play games, read Christmas stories and share your favourite cookie recepies

advent special 2020  

30th November 2020 6 pm:

Advent time is starting! Get to know interesting facts about Christmas time in Germany and around th e world. test your knowledge at our Christmas quiz! 


7th December 2020 6 pm:    

We are baking our favourite German Christmas cookies! Join our baking session to get to know all typical recepies! 


14th December 2020 6 pm:

Dig out your craft skills: Learn how to build a ginger bread house! We will also welcome a special guest! 


21st Decemeber 2020 6 pm: 

Christmas is almost here! Let us read some Christmas stories and play some games together!

You can join our sessions without registration! 


Meeting ID: 990 7995 8036