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Useful Tips

Accommodation: Housing for Short or Long-Term Residences

It is often difficult for students to find an affordable apartment shortly before the beginning of the semester. Our recommendation: Take care of it well in advance - a few months before your intended stay in Siegen. The Studierendenwerk Siegen and other private services provide convenient student housing. If you are interested in applying for a dorm room, you can find information on the websites of the student residences:

You can also conduct your own room search: There are apartments and rooms in shared apartments (WGs) that are posted as advertisements in newspapers or on the internet, as well as the bulletin boards at the university. Here are some useful links:

If you have already started the semester and have not found accommodation yet, or if you are planning to stay only for a short period of time, you can stay in a youth hostel in the region (Jugendherberge Hilchenbach or Jugendherberge Freusburg). In addition, don’t hesitate to contact Hotels und Pensions in Siegen  in the surrounding area "Siegerland".

Find further Information about accommodation in Siegen here.

Entry and Stay: "Regulatory Framework"

An extensive overview will be given to you on the DAAD Information Sheet and the websites of BAMF.


As an EU Citizen you don’t need a visa to enter Germany. In Germany, all residents must register at the registration office at the town hall (Rathaus) in the city where they live. You must register within one week of your arrival in Germany.


Check the list of the countries whose citizens require a visa to enter Germany. If your country is on this list, make sure to apply for a visa at the German Embassy or Consulate in your home country  before your departure.Take care of it in advance - preferably immediately after receiving the admission letter. To get the visa, you need the admission letter as well as documents that prove you can fund your studies in Germany. 

After your arrival you must convert your visa into a residence permit and you must register at the registration office. In Germany, all residents must register at the registration office at the "Rathaus" of the city where they live. You must register within one week of your arrival in Germany.

The electronic residence permit (eAT) started on September 1st, 2011. Please use the information sheet of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees!

Important visa information:

  • Most importantly: don’t arrive with a tourist visa! The tourist visa can not be converted into a residence permit for study purposes!
  • Inquiries about your progress at the University of Siegen are made regularly over the course of your studies. This is usually done at the beginning of your studies. After two years of study, inquiries will take place once a year. The International Office serves as the contact point between the aliens department offices, schools, examination offices, and students. If you receive mail from the aliens department contact the International Office!

Student Health Insurance

If you are studying in Germany, you must be covered by a health insurance plan. The conditions of health insurance vary depending on your reason for being in Germany and on your age. Health insurance is required when you apply for a residence permit, first time as well as renewal.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have a health insurance certificate, you can’t enroll !

The German health insurance provider will give you a certificate which says that you are

  • either insured, or
  • free to choose private insurance,
  • exempt from compulsory insurance,
  • not eligible for public insurance.

If you are a student from an EU-/EWR-country, you have to prove to a health insurance company that you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before your arrival in Siegen. You will receive a certificate of registration for the insurance coverage.

The Instruction Sheet of Health Insurance gives you more information (only available in German).

Public health insurance companies in the city of Siegen (in alphabetical order):

AOK Studenten-Service: on campus
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 10, 57076 Siegen

St.-Johann-Str. 23, 57074 Siegen

Koblenzer Straße 40, 57072 Siegen

Sandstraße 31, 57072 Siegen

Vereinigte IKK
Löhrtor 10 - 12, 57072 Siegen

Finance Issues: Bank Account and Running Expenses

Bank Account

After your arrival in Siegen, you should open a bank account. Then you can transfer your payments such as the enrollment fee or your rent. Your health insurance company also needs the details of your German bank account. Most banks and savings banks offer free bank accounts to students. Please inform yourself as to the exact conditions before opening a bank account with your chosen bank. You need your passport or identity card to open a bank account.

Banks in Siegen - not a complete list  -

Sparkasse Siegen - office and ATM on campus (Mensafoyer)

Volksbank Siegerland eG - ATM on campus

Deutsche Bank



Santander Bank

Monthly costs

You will need around 750 EUR per month to cover your living expenses in Germany. Consider before enrolling whether you can cover these expenses. They include accommodation, health insurance, food and drink, learning materials and the university fees.

Checklist Enrollment and Residence

Arrival: How to find us

After arrival:
  1. Buy yourself a bus ticket (Gästeticket). Then you are mobile during your first days in Siegen.
  2. Open bank account.
  3. Obtain the insurance certificate issued by a statutory health insurance company to enroll.
  4. Go to the International Office to enroll.
  5. For Visa requirements: Please register at the aliens department office (Ausländerbehörde).
  6. Register your place of residence at the Registration Office at town hall (Rathaus).
After receiving student's ID card:
  1. Read when and where your Introductory Events will take place.
  2. Visit user service at "Zentrum für Informations- und Medientechnologie (ZIMT)": Here you will receive your mandatory student e-mail address and information about our IT systems.
  3. Visit the library (main building on campus, Adolf-Reichwein-Strasse): Request your user ID.
  4. Visit AStA (students‘ union, close to the main library): By registering your place of residence at the City of Siegen, the registration fee for the mobility-VGWS semester ticket will be reimbursed to you. Under certain conditions the social contribution can be refunded.

During studies

  • You can print your proof of student registration our from the LSF.
  • The re-registration ("Rückmeldung") to the next semester takes place during the specified times. Before the re-registration period begins, you will receive a notice in your student e-mail account containing all the information you will have to provide to re-register - name of the account holder, account number and amount of money to be transferred.
  • You can make change of your address or phone number in the LSF Portal.
  • For changes of name or nationality, you have to bring a copy of your passport or national identity card (Personalausweis) to the International Office.
  • For changes of your study course, apply to the administration at the International Office. You can find the necessary forms in the online form collection (Formularcenter). Take advantage of the fact that you can get advice from a specialist in your faculty as well as at the International Office.  If you have a temporary residence permit, you can usually change your course no later than by the third semester.
  • Pay attention to the duration of your residence permit and apply for its renewel as early as possible.

Scholarships for International Degree-Students in the Final Stages of Their Degrees (STIBET)

The University of Siegen is able to provide financial suppport for students (Bachelor, Master, PhD) using sponsorship funds from the German Academic Exchange Service (STIBET). The primary aim of this financial support ist to enable qualified international students to concentrate on their degree and final dissertation. Any international student in need of financial support can apply, as long as their previous grades are very good and they in the final stages of their degree studies.

Application deadline for STIBET doctoral completion scholarship: 29th of May 2018  
PLEASE NOTE: No scholarships for students will be avialable for the year 2018!!!

Who can apply?

Applications are accepted from students who …
  • are not of German nationality,
  • are registered at the University of Siegen in order to acquire a degree qualification
  • need financial support,
  • and who, based on their previously achieved grades, are likely to graduate within a maximum of two Semesters
  • international doctoral candidates within the last 12 months of their PhD phase.
Applications are NOT accepted from students who …
  • are exchange students or short-term students
  • are registered at the University of Siegen only to acquire an academic certificate but do not aim for graduation
  • are German nationals or have completed their under-graduate studies in Germany
  • receive BAFög payments
  • are receiving a full grant or scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service or similar organisation
  • are planning to complete a study program or work placement abroad during the duration of the scholarship
  • international doctoral candidates, who are employed and not enrolled

Value of the scholarship:

  • 300 Euros per month for students in Bachelor’s programs
  • 400 Euros per month for students in Master’s or State Exam degree programs
  • 500 Euros per month for PhD students

Scholarship period:

  • Period of support: maximum 6 months
  • Students can apply for the scholarship to acquire their Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD
  • The scholarship support ends at the end of that month during which the scholarship holder takes their last exam or submits their final dissertation

Application Documents (in this order!):

  • Application form, properly completed, printed and signed
  • Current certificate of enrolment at the University of Siegen
  • Resume without photo
  • Evidence of completed modules/courses and exams (LSF) - not necessary for post-graduate students
  • Timetable for the completion of your degree (in monthly steps)
  • Evidence of current finances (e.g. pay-slip of your partner)
  • Assessment report from a professor
  • Doctoral students: list of publications
  • If possible: Registration of the topic of your final dissertation or final examination(s)
  • If possible: enclose proof, e.g. copies of employment contract, scholarship agreement, correspondence from the Job Centre, Payslip of your partner


Selection Criteria:

Please note that your application can only be considered if you submit a properly completed form along with all the required documents. The basis is the “Richtlinien zur Vergabe von Fördermitteln im Rahmen von Studienabschlussstipendien für ausländische Studierende und Doktoranden der Universität Siegen" (available only in German).

The selection of students for scholarship support is done by a committee of representatives of the University of Siegen on the basis of the written application documents. The main selection criteria are excellent grades, the student is likely complete their qualification within the scholarship period, and financial need.
A properly completed application does not guarantee scholarship support.
The applicants are informed in writing about the outcome of the application process by the International Office by the middle of June.

Earliest start of the fellowships will be July 2018.

Contact for STIBET Doktoranden:

Dr. Nina Fenn
International Office
AR-SSC, room 114
Email: Nina.fenn@zv.uni-siegen.de
Phone: 0271-740 4244


Contact in the Department International Student Affairs:

Eva Grottschreiber 
Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 9.30-11.30 a.m.
SSC, Office 119,
E-Mail: eva.grottschreiber@zv.uni-siegen.de
Tel.: 0271- 740 3916

Please send your complete application and all relevant documents to:
University of Siegen
International Office
Dr. Nina Fenn
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2, AR-SSC 114
57068 Siegen

Final degree

  • If you are leaving Siegen, please give notice at registration office in town hall and inform the aliens department office.
  • Inform your bank and your health insurance company.
  • Become a member of the alumni association. The alumni association also provides you with interesting information about the University of Siegen and enables you to stay in touch with friends and colleagues from Siegen.