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AStA and Student Representatives




The General Students' Committee (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss - AStA) is the acting executive board and the external representing agency of the student body. The AStA also offers support with regard to general questions, semester fee, and student ticket, provides legal advice and issues certified (transcript) copies.

The AStA-Shop on Adolf Reichwein Campus in building HB provides writing materials at affordable prices. For information and opening hours visit the web page of the AStA-Shop.


Student Representatives (Fachschaftsrat - FSR)

Once a year the student representatives (Fachschaftsrat – FSR) are elected by students of the respective departments. The FSR represents the students of their department or school, offers support and guidance to fellow students, and organizes field trips and events.

School of Arts and Humanities (I)

FSR GG LaBaMa (Humanities)

School of Education, Architecture and the Arts (II)

FSR Architektur und Städtebau (Architecture and Urban Construction)

FSR Soziale Arbeit (Social Work)

School of Economic Disciplines (III)

WIR FSR (Business Administration, Economics, Business Information Systems, Economic Law)

School of Science and Technology (IV)

FSR Bauingenieurwesen (Industrial Engineering)

FSR Maschinenbau (Mechanical Engineering)

FSR eti (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

fsr.math (Mathematics)

FSR Physik (Physics)

FSR Chemie-Biologie (Chemistry and Biology)