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Step 2: Course selection and admission


University of Siegen (sending)

Partner university (receiving)

1) Course selection

Students draw up the Learning Agreement together with their departmental contact person.

Teacher training: Subject advisory service ZLB
Faculty I: Contact persons for crediting
Faculty II: Academic advising
Faculty III: Foreign Affairs Officials
Faculty IV: Departmental Coordinators
Faculty V: Deanery

Table A: Course selection at the partner university
Table B: Recognition at the University of Siegen

1) The binding Learning Agreement is signed by the students and the departmental contact person.
2) The students send the Learning Agreement to the partner universities for the third and final signature.
3) The partner universities check the Learning Agreement and send it back signed to the students.
4) The students send the fully signed Learning Agreement to the ISA department.
2) Admission

The Transcript of Records is issued by the relevant examination office.
A language certificate is issued by the ISA department.

All students must
- have health, liability and accident insurance cover,
- check the visa and entry regulations of their host country,
- take note of the travel safety advice,
re-register at the University of Siegen.

The partner universities issue the students with the Letter of Acceptance and assist with travel and accommodation.