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Our research mainly deals with two topics: self-regulation and reminiscence. We investigate both topics from a lifespan perspective and from a basic and an applied point of view. Some of our projects are situated at the intersection between lifespan psychology (including gerontopsychology) and clinical psychology, for example the role of self-regulation for cognitive and affective health, or interventions to use reminiscence to increase well-being.

The following compilation gives you an overview of current, previous and future projects.

Basic psychological research in childhood and adolescence
  • Interaction behavior of infants and toddlers
  • Perception of life events and (changes in) the personality of adolescents and young adults
  • Perception of upheavals in school and career paths among young people


Life span psychological basic research
  • Self-regulation and motivation over the lifespan (e.g. delay of gratification, motivational reserve in dementia)
  • Self-regulation and motivation as a predictor of cognitive and affective health in old age
  • Experimental reminiscence research


Lifespan psychological application research
  • Reminiscence interventions (structured life review, biographical work)
  • Clinical gerontopsychology and geriatric psychotherapy (for dementia, PTSD, depression)
  • Self-regulation training ("training of will", training of volitional skills)


Interdisciplinary research on aging (in the context of the Gerontology Network Siegen, GeNeSi)
  • e.g., technological support for cognitive and affective processes

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