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Vera Fahrner

External PhD candidate: Vera Fahrner from the DLR Institute of Transport Research in Berlin

This May, Vera Fahrner started her PhD project in our group. Her research focusses on the acceptance of different drive systems and energy sources in road transport in Germany. She is particularly interested in the "mental models" that people form of new technologies in road transport and, at the same time, how these can be appropriately assessed and changed in the future. Welcome, Vera!



Participation in the World Conference on Personality on Curaçao

Anabel Büchner and Karla Fliedner took part in the 4th World Conference on Personality on Curaçao. Anabel presented her project "Capturing Dynamic Conceptualizations of Personality Traits in Cross-Sectional Assessments". Karla gave a presentation on the convergence of self-report and partner-report in major life events and relationship satisfaction, as well as a presentation on the development of a taxonomy for the perception of daily events. In addition, Anabel and Karla exchanged with other researchers on various research projects.

Information about the conference can be found here



New article on social inequality and political participation in youth in Political Psychology

Alexandra Zapko-Willmes' article "Accounting for the Association Between Socioeconomic Status and Youth Political Participation: A Twin Family Study" will be published in the journal Political Psychology. The article was written in collaboration with political scientist Yannis Theocharis (TU München).
The twin study investigated to what extent the association between socioeconomic status (particularly educational attainment) and political engagement of young people can be explained by personality characteristics and family factors. Results suggest that, depending on the form of political participation, the association is attributable to political interest, intelligence, and openness to experience.

Read the preprint here


Project Closure SPSS2R

The SPSS2R project accompanied the switch from the fee-based software IBM SPSS Statistics (SPSS) to the free and open source software R in the Department of Psychology. Existing teaching materials were adapted for the R software, R scripts were developed and explanatory videos were recorded. These teaching and learning materials will be available to lecturers and students from the coming semester. In addition, Dr. Frederik Aust offered a workshopon getting started with R.

Click here for more information on the project

Journal of Personality

New article in the Journal of Personality

Anabel Büchner and Kai Horstmann published an article entitled “On the importance of being clear about the level of analysis of interest: An illustration using the case of self-compassion” in the Journal of Personality. The article is based on Anabel’s master thesis, which was supervised by Kai, and represents her first first-author publication. Congratulations!

Read the article here


Pasted Graphic

SPSP Convention in San Diego

In February, Kai Horstmann and Anabel Büchner represented our research group at the Annual Convention of the Society of Social and Personality Psychology (SPSP) in San Diego. Kai Horstmann gave a talk about modeling dynamic personality theories in a continuous time framework and Anabel Büchner about exploring conceptualizations of self-control in daily life using machine learning. They connected with old and new collaborators and colleagues and had a very engaging time.

Find further information about the conference here

Foto Stanford University

Visit to Stanford University

Kai Horstmann visited Stanford University (USA) and the lab of Prof. Gabriella Harari. During his visit, he participated in a seminar and worked on a joint publication with Prof. Harari on the topic of personality state assessment. He also worked with Chiara Förster on her master's thesis on examining person situation dynamics in everyday social behavior.

Click here to visit the Media and Personality Lab at Stanford University


UC Davis

Research stay in California

At the beginning of this year, Anabel visits the University of California, Davis, for a three-week long research stay. At UC Davis, she is part of the Beck Personality Lab, led by Prof. Emorie Beck. The research stay lays the foundation of the collaboration with Emorie Beck on projects of her dissertation as well as a project on the idiographic assessment of manifestations of personality in everyday life. We wish Anabel an exciting research stay!

Click here to get to the Beck Personality Lab


New paper in Mindfulness

Anabel Büchner has co-authored an article entitled “Stress Perception and Coping as Mediators of the Link Between Self-Compassion and Affective Well-being? Evidence From Two Longitudinal Studies“, published in Mindfulness. Anabel worked as a research intern in this project during her undergraduate studies and wrote her Bachelor’s thesis on this topic.

The paper can be accessed here

Foto Beitrag

New article on the potential of natural experiments for causality research in psychology

Alexandra Zapko-Willmes co-authored a paper entitled "Natural Experiments: Missed Opportunities for Causal Inference in Psychology" to be published in the scientific journal Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science. The article was written by ten psychologists and economists led by Prof. Dr. Michael P. Grosz in the context of the DFG scientific network "Explicit Causal Inference in Personality Research". The paper aims to demonstrate the chances and implementation possibilities of natural experiments to psychological scientists.

Article: https://doi.org/10.1177/25152459231218610 (available soon; preprint: https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/dah3q)
Information on the scientific network:



Logo ARP

Anabel Büchner becomes Graduate Student Representative of ARP

Together with Kendall Mather from the University of Oregon, Anabel Büchner will serve as the Graduate Student Representative of the Association of Research (ARP) for the next two years. The ARP is one of the largest scientific associations in the field of personality psychology. As Graduate Student Representative, Anabel will act as a liaison between ARP’s graduate students and its executive board. Congratulations and best wishes to Anabel in her new role!

Further information on the Association for Research in Personality


Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

New paper in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Anabel Büchner co-authored a paper titled “Extraverts Reap Greater Social Rewards From Passion Because They Express Passion More Frequently and More Diversely“ published in the scientific journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Anabel worked on this study together with Kai Krautter and Prof. Jon Jachimowicz during her position as a research associate at Harvard Business school. A popular-science version of the article was published in the Harvard Business Review. We congratulate!

Click here for the article in the specialist journal and here for the popular science article

Studienstiftung Logo

Tina Thurm was admitted into the German Academic Scholarship Foundation

Our student assistant Tina Thurm was admitted into the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung). The Studienstiftung is Germany’s largest and oldest scholarship foundation. In addition to financial support, Tina will benefit from an extensive program for intellectual and personal development. We congratulate Tina on this achievement!

Studienstiftung - Information for students and proposers


Foto Alexandra Zapko-Willmes

Welcoming Dr. Alexandra Zapko-Willmes to our team

We are happy to announce that Dr. Alexandra Zapko-Willmes is joining our team starting 1st October 2023. Previously, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bremen.

In her research, she primarily focuses on explaining personality differences through individual environmental influences and gene-environment interplay. In addition to the conceptualization of personality and its development, sociopolitical orientations have been another focus of her work.

Warm welcome, Alexandra!

Further information and contact


Award ceremony Anne-Anastasi-Preis Kai Horstmann and Isabel Thielmann

Award recipients Isabel Thielmann (2nd from the right; William Stern Award) and Kai Horstmann (2nd from the left; Anne Anastasi Award).
© Manuela Seethaler

Kai Horstmann receives the Anne Anastasi Award for Psychological Assessment

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kai Horstmann has received the Anne Anastasi Award for outstanding early career researchers who have made significant contributions to the field of Psychological Assessment. The award was presented by the division for Differential Psychology, Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment (DPPD) of the German Psychological Association (DGPs). The award ceremony took place at the 17th DPPD meeting in Salzburg.

Further Information on the Anne Anastasi Award

17th DPPD meeting in Salzburg

In September, Kai Horstmann, Karla Fliedner and Lilly Buck represented our team at the 17th meeting of the Association for Differential Psychology, Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment (DPPD). They presented research on (1) the informativeness of global self-reports, (2) the convergence of major life event perception and relationship satisfaction among romantic couples, and (3) on situation perception in clinical psychology.

We had a great time with lots of inspiring and insightful exchange. Our genuine thanks go to the organizing team of Paris Lodron University Salzburg!

To the DPPD meeting’s website


Semester abroad in Iceland Island

Our student assistant Emma Kiesel has started her semester abroad in Iceland. She will live in Reykjavik and study psychology at Reykjavik University (RU) from August to December. Since the University of Siegen does not have an Erasmus contract with RU, she applied as a freemover (self-organized student). As a freemover, students can apply to any university worldwide that accepts them, but they often have to pay tuition fees and are not funded through the Erasmus program.

Go further, go global!

Research stay in Vancouver UBC Vancouver

Starting in August, Anabel Büchner is on a one-year research stay at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. At UBC, she joins the Personality and Geographical Ambiance (PANGEA) Lab, which is led by Fritz Götz. In collaboration with Fritz Götz, who is an expert in person-environment transaction, she will work on projects for her doctoral thesis. While we will miss Anabel Büchner, we wish her an enriching experience in Vancouver!

Welcome to the Personality and Geographical Ambiance (PANGEA) Lab!

PhD scholarship from the German Academic Scholarship FoundationLogo der Studienstiftung

Starting in August, Anabel Büchner's PhD research is supported by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung). The Studienstiftung is Germany’s largest and oldest scholarship foundation. In addition to financial support, Anabel Büchner will benefit from an extensive program for intellectual and personal development. We congratulate Anabel on this achievement!

Find out more about the Studienstiftung's doctoral sponsorship here

SPSS2R - Teaching materials in RSPSS zu R

The Department of Psychology is currently undergoing a transition from SPSS to R. To facilitate this transition, teaching materials will be adapted, R scripts will be created, and explanatory videos will be produced. Workshops will also be held for both lecturers and students to ensure a successful and seamless transition.

Find more information here


Retreat at the University of SiegenRetreat

In July, we met together with the PhD students from Berlin in Siegen and held our first multi-day retreat - including hiking and scientific exchange with the research group of Prof. Hennecke. We are looking forward to a continuation next year!

Click here for the research group of Prof. Hennecke

Anabel Büchner attends ARP in EvanstonARP

In July, Anabel Büchner attended the Meeting of the Association for Research in Personality (ARP) in Evanston. At ARP, she presented one of her dissertation studies as a poster titled "Modeling Personality Traits in a Dynamic Systems Framework: Pitfalls and Ways to Overcome Them".

The 8th Biennial Meeting of the Association for Research in Personality will be held in Evanston, Illinois in July 2023. ... read more


Mark Schutera gives presentation on ChatGPTVortrag Schutera

On June 21, 2023 Mark Schutera visited the University of Siegen and gave a presentation on "Placing GPT - Effective intuitions through a technical perspective". Mark Schutera works as a Team Lead at ZF Group where he is AI Product Owner for Autonomous Driving. In his talk, he explained step by step how ChatGPT works technically and how ChatGPT could improve further in the near future. We thank Mark for his interesting talk!

Vortragsreihe "KI an der Universität"

SIPS in PadovaSIPS

In June, Anabel Büchner attended the Congress of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) in Padua. At SIPS, she presented the idea of one of her dissertation studies as a pre-study poster titled "Can Dynamic Conceptualizations of Personality Traits be Measured in Cross-Sectional Assessments?".

SIPS 2023 - June 22-24, Padova, Italy


Lilly Buck attends DPK in BerlinDPK Logo

In May, Lilly Buck attended the German Psychotherapy Congress (DPK) in Berlin. As part of the symposium "Experience Sampling in Clinical Psychology: From Foundational Research to Implications for Practice", she gave a talk on the topic "Situation Assessment in Clinical ESM Studies".

Deutscher Psychotherapiekongress (DPK)


Anabel Büchner starts her PhD with the Elsa-Neumann-Scholarshiphumboldt_logo

Starting in April, Anabel is supported by the Elsa-Neumann Scholarship from the state of Berlin. With this funding, she begins her PhD at Humboldt University in Berlin. Her PhD project will be supervised by Kai Horstmann. We congratulate and wish her a successful start to her PhD journey!

Elsa-Neumann-Stipendium - Promotionsförderung

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