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Medical Informatics at Universität Siegen

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Medical Informatics - Computer Science for life


What is Medical Informatics?

Medical Informatics is the interface between medicine and computer science. Especially in medicine an easy handling of technical devices and at the same time a high quality of diagnostic results are important. To meet these requirements Computer Scientists working in a medical environment need to understand the way of thinking of medical doctors and nurses and the workflows in hospitals, ambulances and other healthcare institutes.

Why studying Medical Informatics?

There are pretty good career prospects due to diverse and varied job opportunities.
Furthermore Medical Informatics in Siegen is a small and personal course with direct contact to professors and teachers. Our lecturers – head physicians and managing directors of local hospitals, lawyers with focus on health care law – are real experts in their field.

How to study Medical Computer Science?

Our Medical Informatics course is a complete degree course in Computer Science with insight in medical topics and a high proportion of practical work. If you are interested in studying Medical Informatics you need to enrol in Computer Science and choose Medicine as your main focus. The lectures you can choose from cover various topics of the broad field of Medical Informatics like medical image processing, computer assisted surgery, medical engineering or health information systems. The courses are given in German.