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Siegener Studis im Ausland


All students, graduating students and doctoral candidates at the University of Siegen can be funded...

  • for self-organised traineeships in companies and organisations as well as teaching assistantships
  • for self-organised traineeships in research institutions and laboratories as well as research assistantships
  • with Erasmus+ in Europe (8 weeks to 12 months) and with PROMOS worldwide (6 weeks to 6 months)

More offerings

  • AIESEC Social Projects and Traineeships Abroad
    AIESEC is an international, youth-led exchange organisation that arranges traineeships and social projects abroad for young people aged 18-30 for a participation fee (390 EUR for the first, 100 EUR for each additional one). AIESEC works with NGOs and start-ups and offers access to projects around education, equality, environment and culture in various partner countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Participants can apply for a one-time, country-specific funding for a corresponding activity in the time frame of 2 to 12 months through travel allowances for arranged specialised internships in non-European countries. Meals and accommodation must be arranged with the respective project partner.
  • Vulcanus in Japan
    The EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation invites applications for funded eight-month industrial internships for European students and PhD students in science or engineering between the 4th year of study and the penultimate PhD year. Part of the programme is a one-week seminar on Japan and a four-month intensive Japanese language course. The funding covers travel and living expenses. Accommodation is provided by the companies.