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Students Abroad

Future teachers are expected to immerse themselves in English by spending at least three months in English-speaking countries, and we encourage them (as well as the BA students) to apply for exchange programs with our partner universities in Britain, Ireland and the USA. Popular "teaching assistant” opportunities in Britain/USA and self-organized internships at schools in North America, Australia and New Zealand allow future teachers to gain insights into school systems abroad. BA/MA students have been successful in being accepted for study programs or company internships in these English-speaking areas as well. The curriculum in all the courses of study offers “credit points” for excursions, which increase student exposure to English-speaking cultures.

All students are encouraged to complete internships to gain practical experience in professional fields. They will find support for this in polishing their language skills in the Self-Study Centre (SESAM: Selbstlernzentrum für sprachbezogene Arbeit mit Multimedia) with up-to-date workstations and abundant resource material. SESAM is administered by the Sprachenzentrum, which also offers a wide range of additional practically oriented (language-) courses.


 Excursion to Bath – September 2019