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North American Literary and Cultural Studies

Nordamerikanische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft


Comics Studies

One of our main research interests in North American Literary and Cultural Studies is comics. Comics have been a significant part of American culture since their emergence in the 1890s, when newspaper comic strips became a popular mass medium. If you have a special interest in comics and wish to study their history and form, you will be able to do so in one of several comics-related courses we are offering in the BA program “Literature, Culture, Media” (BA LKM) the MA program “Advanced Literary Studies” (MA LiWi), and in the teaching program for English (“Lehramt”). Past courses from our roster are Graphic Narrative: Theory and Analysis, Race and Ethnicity in U.S.-American Comics, and Contemporary Graphic Novels. In the winter semester 2015/16, we will offer a course on Black History in Graphic Narratives.We are interested in supervising BA and MA theses on comics-related topics. Please contact Prof. Dr. Daniel Stein (stein@anglistik.uni-siegen.de) or Dr. des. Lukas Etter (etter@anglistik.uni-siegen.de) for more information.

In addition to our comics-related courses, we sponsor regular guest lectures by scholars and artists. Past events include Keith Knight’s “‘They Shoot Black People, Don’t They?’ A Cartoonist Looks at Police Brutality in the U.S. of A.” and a teach-in by Jim Casey (Arcadia University) as part of the Contemporary Graphic Novels seminar.

You can read an interview with Keith Knight conducted during his visit to Siegen here.

You can download a list of our publications on comics here. Many of these publications are available in the UB Siegen, as are many other primary and secondary sources.

Most current publications:
Authorizing Superhero Comics: On the Evolution of a Popular Serial Genre (ongoing book project)
Stein, Daniel, and Jan-Noël Thon, eds. From Comic Strips to Graphic Novels: Contributions to the Theory and History of Graphic Narrative. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2013/2015.

Popular Nineteenth-Century Serial Literature

Early American Studies

Lukas Etter and Marcel Hartwig research early science discourses and their impact on the literary work with a particular focus on arithmetic (Etter) and the modes of professionalization/ specialization in early medical developments in the British American colonies (Hartwig).