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Research interests

  • Bilingualism/multilingualism 
  • Interlanguage and English as a third language
  • Morpho-syntactic phenomena and grammatical variation
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Statistical modelling of linguistic data

PhD Project

Scholarship recipient at the House of Young Talents, University of Siegen (10/2021 – 09/2024) 

The focus of my PhD project is the effect of L1s on genitive variation in English. While the genitive alternation has been thoroughly studied with native English speakers over the last decades, only a few studies have considered learners of English (Gries and Wulff 2013, Azaz 2020, Dubois et al. 2022). I am examining the extent to which native speakers, monolingual learners, and bilingual learners differ in their preference and processing of the genitive in English. To investigate this topic, an experimental study with an acceptability judgment and a self-paced reading task is being conducted. Furthermore, a corpus study on spoken and written learner data is planned.

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