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Winter 2023/24:

Summer 2023:

Winter 2022/2023:

Sommer 2022:

Winter 2021/2022:

Summer 2021:

Winter 2020/21: 

Summer 2020:

Winter 2019/20:

Summer 2012 – Summer 2019:

  • Dublin/ers: Traveling through Time and Space (project Seminar plus excursion to Dublin) (Marburg)
  • Ghost(ly) Stories: Narratives of the Uncanny and the Fantastic (Marburg)
  • Performing Canada – Canadian Identities between Satire and (Re-)Negotiation (project seminar plus student conference, Marburg)
  • «the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world»: The Writings of Kazuo Ishiguro, Nobel Laureate (Marburg)
  • Centering the Margins – New Irish Fiction (Marburg)
  • Contemporary Canadian Women Writers (Marburg)
  • Irish Tales and the Beginning(s) of the Short Story in Ireland (Marburg)
  • Into the Wild? – Canadian Narratives of Human (and) Nature (Marburg)
  • Lonely Voices? – The Short Story as Ireland’s ‘National Genre’ (Siegen/Marburg)
  • Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Critical Theory: Adaptations, Post-Colonial Responses and Parodies (Siegen/Marburg)
  • The Irish Novel at the End of the 20th Century (Siegen)
  • Under (Re-)Construction: Masculinity, AIDS and the Media (Siegen)
  • Making History: British and Irish Literature (Siegen)
  • Body and Gender Theories (Siegen)
  • British Fin-de-Siècle Literature (Siegen)
  • Aspects of Ireland: The Irish Short Story in the 20th Century (Siegen)
  • Intertextuality, Intermediality and Metafiction in the Novels of Stephen King (Siegen)
  • Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Series and Beyond: From Robert Browning to J. K. Rowling (Siegen)
  • Classic Utopian and Dystopian Novels and Films (Siegen)
  • Culture, Politics and Science in Dystopian Novels (Siegen)
  • Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies (Siegen, Summer 2013 – Winter 2015/16)
  • Academic Writing (Braunschweig)
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