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Monographs and Edited Readers

Hartwig, Marcel and Ulf Schulenberg (eds.). American Rock Journalism. Special Issue of Rock Music Studies 4.1 (2017).

Hartwig, Marcel, Evelyne Keitel and Gunter Süß (eds.). Media Economies: Perspectives on American Cultural Practices. Trier, wvt, 2014.

Hartwig, Marcel. Die traumatisierte Nation? – ‘Pearl Harbor’ und ‘9/11’ als kulturelle Erinnerungen. Bielefeld: transcript, 2011. [dissertation]

Articles and Reviews

Hartwig, Marcel. “‘The Greatest Discovery in Modern Medicine:’ Smallpox and the Inoculation Controversy in Boston of 1721”. In Münderlein, Kerstin-Anja (ed.) Final Frontiers: Exploring, Discovering, Conquering in the Age of Enlightenment. pp. 131-146. Trier: wvt, 2021.

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