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Teaching and learning of English as a foreign language (TEFL)

Didaktik der Englischen Sprache


Research conducted by the TEFL team revolves around the acquisition, development and use of English as a foreign language in primary, secondary and tertiary education. Particular attention is paid to the following areas:

  • Early foreign language learning and teaching
  • Vocabulary in ELT
  • Language awareness
  • Assessing foreign language abilities
  • Bilingual teaching and learning / CLIL
  • Work placements as part of studies at university and in teacher training
  • Developing (intercultural) communicative competence
  • Language acquisition in interaction
  • Media-supported foreign language learning
  • Multilingualism, intercultural communication and intercultural competence
For further information, please refer to the webpages of the Prof. Dr. Markus Kötter, Dr. Robert Simunek, Dr. Marja Zibelius, Jacqueline Kometz, Jessica Knuth).FSW

Fremdsprachenwerkstatt (FSW) in room AR-D 6102

The FSW is a combined archive, library and seminar room at the University of Siegen. The purpose of this insitutition is to contribute to a better linkage between theory and practice as well as of research and teaching in the first phase of teacher training. It is meant to provide a framework for contemporary project-based and media-supported courses. The FSW thus also serves as a model for the design of school-based forms of learning and teaching. When the room is not used for teaching, its resources are available via the so-called "Offenhaltung" as a space for independent work, group work, tutorials and the implementation of research projects. The FSW is also open to trainee teachers who are looking for new inspiration.

For further information, please refer to the webpages of the FSW


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