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Prof. Dr. Georg Plasger

Short CV

1961 Born in Nordhorn (County of Bentheim), married, 3 children
1981-1988 Study of Protestant Theology in Wuppertal und Münster
1988 1. theol. exam
1988-1991 Period of training in Schöller and vicar assistant at the Church Academy in Wuppertal
1991 2. theol. exam and Dr. theol. degree as a result of the doctoral thesis:
"The necessity of justice. A study of Cur Deus Homo from Anselm of Canterburry"
1992-1993 Pastor and religion teacher in Lünne/Emsland
1993-2000 Postgraduate assistant in Göttingen
1999 Postdoctoral degree as a result of the work: "The relative authority of the confession Karl Barths theology"
1999-2000 Interim professor for Systematic Theology at the University GH Essen
1997-2005 Honorary ephorus of the reformed house of studies in Göttingen
2001-2004 Theological assistant at the ref. Protestant Church, in the meantime interim professor for Systematic and Ecumenical Theology in Siegen
since 2002 Honorary member of the Moderamen des Reformierten Bundes
since 2005 Professor for Systematic and Ecumenical Theology at the University of Siegen