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Born 1969 in Kleve, study of German Language and Literature Studies, Sociology and Political Science at the University of Siegen, scientific assistant of the subproject "Theatre on Television" of DFG-special research field Screen Media at the University of Siegen (1994-2000), 1999 Dr. phil. degree; since 1989 free-lance jobs as journalist (Westfälische Rundschau, StadtRevue, Kölnische Rundschau), September 2000 till November 2001 qualification as culture manager, afterwards free-lance project and congress organisation for the regional authority of the Rhineland, Art Foundation NRW, culture board advisors of NRW; press relations; dramaturgies; teaching assignments of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Sk-Stiftung Kultur (Sk-Foundation Culture); since December 2002 postgraduate assistant at the University of Siegen for the undergraduate study course B.A. Social Science with a main focus on Media Studies.