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Regulations, Module Handbooks and other Documents

phil: Docs database

logo_smallThese documents apply to all students enrolled in Bachelor and Master degree programs:

  • Bachelor Degree Programs (from WiSe 2011/12)
  • Master Degree Programs (from WiSe 2011/12)
  • Teacher Training Programs (from WiSe 2021/22)

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Teacher Training Program

All regulations, module handbooks etc. for the teacher training program can be found with the "Zentrum für Lehrerbildung" (ZLB)

Bachelor and Master teacher training programs


Your studies follow rules which can be found in a number of documents. To find out which documents are relevant to you, the most important information is when you started studying or changed to your current course of studies. With this information, you can pick the documents relevant to you from the search form.

For further instruction regarding this matter, we prepared a short Video for you:

► Important documents about your studies - explained in 3 minutes

Alternative: text-version of the video

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