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Important documents about your studies - explained quickly

Important documents about your studies

or: ow do examination regulations, module handbooks, and all the other documents work, and where can I find them?

Your studies follow certain rules. These rules are written down in a large number of regulations created by the university which are published as "Amtliche Mitteilungen" (official notifications).

These regulations determine, for example, which types of examinations need to be passed for which kind of credits, what deadlines apply, if and how it is possible to repeat an examination, and so on.

The most important fact about this is: as much as the university and teachers rely on you  to follow these rules, you can also rely on the university to follow them, as well.

Regulations are there to make things clear - and to create mutual reliability.

That is why it is important for you to know the regulations relevant to you!

There are many types of regulations (or "Ordnungen"): General examination regulations, subject-specific regulations, internship-regulations, and many more. Some only apply to singular courses of study, some apply to all Bachelor- and Master courses, some are relevant to internships, and more.

In addition to this, some of these regulations need to  be changed or corrected after some time. These changes are again part of new regulations, so-called "Änderungsordnungen", or "Berichtigungsordnungen". These are only valid in connection with the original regulations on which they are based.

Furthermore, there are other documents which supplement the regulations, even if they are no official notifications themselves. These include module handbooks or "Lesefassungen" (read abstracts) and translations, in which regulations and their changes are combined.

As you can see, there is a huge number of documents that are relevant to you.

In most courses of study at Faculty I, zhe following types of regulation apply:

The (general) examination regulations - They apply to all Bachelor- or Master courses.

The subject-specific regulations - These contain rules and information only
relevant to a specific course of studies.

A module handbook supplements them. It contains detailed descriptions of the individual modules defined in the subject-specific regulations.

Furthermore, there are internship-regulations, regulations  regarding the "Studium Generale" and, depending on the course of studies, other documents.

In many cases, there are multiple versions of the regulations for the same course of studies, which are valid for different years/groups of students.

To find out which regulations and other documents apply to you, you need to know the following:

What is your course of studies and when did you start?

This may sound simple, but in many regulations the information on which group they apply to and for which year they are relevant might be not easy to find. The publication date on the title page, for example, does not indicate the validity date for the student the validity.

Additionally, some documents apply to all students, and some do not.

To make this all a little easier for you, we are providing a search form.

On the website of Faculty I, you can choose what your course of studies is and when you started.

Afterwards, only the documents are shown that are relevant to you (or could be relevant).

You should still take care and take a closer look: There are many exceptions or transition regulations which are explained in the text in more detail.


If you are not sure or have any questions, please contact our course guidance service.

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