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Course enrollment for the winter semester 2023/2024

In the Faculty I: Faculty of Arts and Humanities, enrollment is mandatory in all courses, i.e. students must register for seminars, lectures, compact courses, tutorials, etc. via the campus management system unisono within the following enrollment periods:

unisono schedule for course enrollment in the summer semester 2024:

  • From 29.01.2024 - Orientation phase: in the first two weeks after publication of the summer semester on 23.01.2023, students can inform themselves about the course offer.

  • 12.02. to 03.03.2024 - Enrollment phase 1: Only after 13.08.2023 it is possible to enroll for courses in unisono. During this period, lecturers can neither approve nor reject enrollments.

  • 04.03. to 17.03.2024 - Allocation of places for phase 1 by the lecturers / teaching planners

  • 18.03. to 31.03.2024 - Enrollment phase 2: This period allows students to respond to rejections from the first phase. Unlike the first enrollment phase, students may already be admitted to or rejected from the course during this period. Please note that courses that have already been filled to capacity do not need to be reopened for enrollment!

  • 01.04. to 11.08.2024 - Enrollment phase 3 (optional): In addition, course planners may assign additional enrollment periods to selected courses in case of a late course start in the semester or if courses are scheduled as additional offerings. Information on whether there is an additional enrollment option can be found in unisono with the individual courses.

General Notes:

  1. Students should pay attention to the module allocation when registering for courses and check whether they meet the prerequisites required in the subject-specific regulations and module handbooks.

  2. The timing of an enrollment in enrollment phase 1 has no influence on a possible admission.

Answers to frequently asked questions and hints for the solution of known problems can also be found in our FAQ database.


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