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From Cameroon to Siegen

214 overseas students are newcomers to the university. The International Office provides assistance to deal with all their queries.

 New faces at the University of Siegen – 214 new students start the summer term 2013 at Siegen. At the welcome meeting in the SSC building on the campus at Adolf Reichwein Strasse, the new arrivals obtained plenty of tips and advice about studying and living in Germany. Bärbel Schürrle (Head of International Affairs) and her team are available to assist the new students. Bärbel Schürrle comments, “We are trying to foster interaction by arranging events, induction sessions and training courses for applications to ensure new students can easily adjust to their studies. We are also in direct contact with the city of Siegen to deal with any bureaucratic obstacles.”

Overall, 2,048 men and women from 91 countries are studying in Siegen. At the welcome event, students met each other from countries such as Brazil, Cameroon, Morocco, China and Uzbekistan. At the moment many are busy learning German in language courses run by the International Office. Innocent Fomat (aged 23) will study Mechanical Engineering after her language course, “It’s not so easy learning the language, but it’s steadily improving.” Jussara Santos (aged 39) has relocated from Brazil to Siegen to complete her doctorate and she feels at home, “If I have a question everyone immediately helps me. That’s fantastic!” And she already has a favourite German word – “natürlich!” That always meets with a friendly response.

Any queries about international studies are answered here.