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New Department “Connect.US”

Integration of strategic units at the University of Siegen is to link science and business.

On 1 April 2013, at the University of Siegen the process of combining four units for knowledge transfer, alumni, business start-ups and careers was concluded by establishing the new department “Connect.US”. Susanne Mertz, who was in charge of the department for knowledge transfer over the past year, will assume overall responsibility. She has long-standing expertise in the sectors of technology and knowledge transfer, business start-ups and the Career Service as well as her qualification as a “Business Coach” (IHK). As a qualified educationalist (adult education), Susanne Mertz will promote closer links between teaching and research outcomes at the University of Siegen and business practice. The new department is assigned to the Pro-rector for Industry, Technology and Knowledge Transfer under Prof. Dr Hanna Schramm-Klein.

Departmental restructuring facilitates more flexibility and transfer between the various strategic units. The department is a single representative of the university to external parties (embracing the motto “One face to the customer”). Prof. Dr Schramm-Klein explains, “This integration sets up and represents the entire value-added chain from students to graduates, staff and research staff or start-up businesses and alumni.” The aim is to make the university’s knowledge base actively available for society. Simultaneously, the department should be proactive in representing the potential of the university both regionally and transregionally. According to the departmental head Susanne Mertz, “In addition to all our core tasks, we plan to initiate collaborative projects on highly different levels of the value-added chain, as well as devising new schemes for people internally and externally and promoting collaborative partnerships.”

Susanne Mertz is pleased to respond to any queries by telephone 0271/740-3434 or email.