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One University – One Book

For one semester the University of Siegen would like to discuss the Grundgesetz within diverse creative formats. We need your help and your imagination!

The institutions of higher learning in Germany are called upon to decide on a book for the action „One University – One Book“. This book is to be topic of conversation and debate for one entire semester. The goal: the exchange between many members of the university about one topic or issue. The doctoral student talks with the freshman, the professor talks with the secretary, the historian with the mechanical engineer, the IT specialist with the librarian, the Muslim with the Christian and the displaced person with the dorm inhabitant.

At the University of Siegen there arose in many preliminary discussions the idea to choose the „Grundgesetz” (basic Constitutional Law) as the „book” and make it the topic across the University. The Grundgesetz was chosen because it constitutes, for the German society as a whole, one of the most important but least read books.  Moreover, it opens a plethora of possibilities of contextual elaboration, whereby many current aspects can be presented and discussed.

For one semester we would like to discuss the Grundgesetz within diverse creative formats. Which concrete actions and formats could we choose to reach as many members of our University as possible? Whether a slam, a debating club, a photo competition, a seminar or scenic performances – there is no limit to your phantasy.

Please send your ideas to the Prorectorate for Studies, Teaching and Teacher Education (inga.schmalenbach@uni-siegen.de) no later than December 31st, 2016.

The Stifterverband (Endowment Group) and the Klaus Tschira Foundation wish to award 10 universities for the best concepts. Our university will also support interesting ideas and projects financially and organizationally. We, i.e. the rectorate and the preparation group, eagerly await your suggestions.