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University of Siegen ranks highly among foreign students

(12 April 2012) The International Student Barometer 2011 interviewed over 200,000 students at 238 universities around the world. In Germany 56 institutions participated in the survey. Among foreign doctoral students, University of Siegen was ranked first among the German institutions in terms of research management and the opportunities for teaching.

Furthermore, 88.2 percent of the interviewed students who are from abroad are satisfied with their teachers (categorizing them as "good teachers"). This places the university in 11th place in Germany and 112th internationally. Besides the quality and reputation of Siegen's research work, this factor was critical for most students in deciding to go to the University of Siegen. Another factor affecting their decision was the broad selection of study programmes. In addition to the quality of teaching and research, those participating in the survey appreciated the good quality of service: Just 14 days after first getting in touch with the university, they had received a response. The international average is 17 days and the German average is 18 days.

The survey also shows that foreign students feel safe at Siegen and that they assess the "catering" provided by student services to be very good.
"I am very happy that University of Siegen ranks highly among international students due to its research profile, study programmes and services", says Rector Prof. Dr. Holger Burckhart. Bärbel Schürrle, head of international department: "To us, this good result is an incentive to become even better. For instance, the International Office will work to improve support for international scientists by setting up a Welcome Centre."

The International Student Barometer (ISB) 2011 survey was held from October to December 2011 among students, with support from the German Academic Exchange Service and the German Rectors' Conference. The 2011 ranking is the third round of the world's largest study among mobile students and doctoral students. The information obtained provides the participating universities with an overview of their individual strengths and weaknesses.