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Karl-Otto-Apel Prize goes to Siegen

(2 October 2012) Rector Prof. Dr. Holger Burckhart was granted the award in Italy.

The Italian Prize for Philosophy, named after the German philosopher Karl-Otto Apel, has now been awarded to the Rector of the University of Siegen, Prof. Dr. Holger Burckhart. The Karl-Otto-Apel Prize, which has been awarded annually since 2007, is the only philosophy prize in Italy that is given to internationally renowned philosophers. A particular aspect of this award lies in the central significance of programmes and philosophical models that confront the urgent ethical and political problems of our times. It is awarded by the Centro Filosofico Internazionale Karl-Otto Apel.

The prize, the 6th of its kind, was presented to Burckhart by the initiator Michele Borelli. The venue of the award ceremony was the conference room of the Grand Hotel delle Terme Luigiane in Acquappesa. Burckhart was recognized in particular for his work in the field of the ethics of responsibility, its theoretical principles and practical application. Burckhart: “I am pleased to have been awarded this prestigious prize and pleased that reference was also made to the University of Siegen in the laudatory speech and the reporting in Italy.”