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Outstanding grades for the English department

(10 December 2012) University of Siegen does very well in German Council of Science and Humanities’ research ratings

The research ratings for English and American Studies by the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) prove to be extremely pleasing for the University of Siegen. English Linguistics is rated as “very good” for the criteria of “quality of research”, “outstanding/very good” in terms of “reputation” and likewise “outstanding/very good” for the criteria “facilitating research”. In English Studies: Literature and Cultural Studies, the rating for the criteria of “quality of research” is “very good”, for “reputation” it is “very good/good” and for “facilitating research” likewise “very good/good”. English teaching methodology is assessed as being “very good/good” for both “quality of research” and “facilitating research”, and as “very good” in terms of “reputation”. With English and American Studies, the German Council of Science and Humanities has tried out its research ratings for the first time in the humanities. A total of 60 universities took part in the Council’s research ratings, six of them teacher training colleges, thereby making up almost 90 per cent of all institutions carrying out research in this field. Further information is available at http://www.wissenschaftsrat.de/download/archiv/2757.12pdf.

Rector Prof. Dr. Holger Burckhart on the University of Siegen’s results: “I share in my colleagues’ delight at this fantastic outcome. It underlines the fact that the University of Siegen is developing, across the board, into a medium-sized research university that is gaining increasing recognition at both a national and international level.”