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Siegen professors well ranked

(14 September 2012) In the Business Economics ranking of the Handelsblatt newspaper, a total of five representatives of the University of Siegen are to be found listed among the 250 best professors.

Considerable success for the University of Siegen: In the new Handelsblatt Business Economics ranking, four professors of Faculty III (School of Economic Disciplines) are listed among Germany’s best 250. The business IT specialist Prof. Dr. Erwin Pesch reached 23rd place regarding publications (2009: 41st place) and even made it to 17th place for research achievements in the last five years. This makes him the business IT specialist with the third-highest ranking in the German-speaking world. PD (temporary professorship) Dr. Björn Niehaves is listed at rank 134 for publications and rank 61 for research achievements in the last five years. Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf is ranked in 210th place for publications. Both men are likewise business IT specialists. Rank 145 for publications was achieved by Prof. Dr. Dirk Briskorn (Business Economics) and for research achievements over the past five years he can be found in 29th place.

Ultimately, the University of Siegen is actually represented by five professors among the top 250. Under the category of Insurance Studies / Statistics, Prof. Dr. Alfred Müller is listed in place 83 for publications, although he belongs to the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Science and Technology. According to the ranking, Prof. Niehaves and Prof. Briskorn are among the twelve best professors under the age of 40. Following the University of Cologne (with eleven professors listed), the University of Siegen holds joint second place with the Universities of Münster and Duisburg-Essen, as far as the number of mentions goes. If the focus is on Business IT alone, the University of Siegen actually holds a top position Germany-wide, since only the TU Munich and the LMU Munich have three mentions each among the top 250 professors.

Rector Prof. Dr. Holger Burckhart: “I am delighted for our colleagues in the Economics Faculty and for our colleague in the Faculty of Science and Technology. Despite all the debates about the methodology, such rankings and positions show that Siegen is a good place to come for research and teaching.”