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Two Countries, Two Universities, Two Degrees.

In a new, binational study program called "European Economics Communication" students receive degrees from the University of Siegen and the Unversité d'Orleáns. Three female students report from France.

For a year, the picturesque town of Orléans in France is home to three female students from Siegen. Leonie Altehülshorst, Anne Waffenschmidt and Laura Beesel are studying the new bachelor's program in European Economic Communication within the framework of the German-French University (DFH). That is to say: two countries, two universities, two degrees.

The three young women study alternately at the University of Siegen and at the Université d'Orléans in France. In the third year of the six-semester bachelors, the French students also come to Siegen. "We particularly liked the integrated foreign year and the wide range of the course of studies," the students say. "At the technical level, students are studying language and economics as well as history or sociology of Europe," says Prof. Dr. Britta Thörle, who together with Dr. Anne Delouis from France is the Program Officer.

Students also receive intensive training in French and English. They obtain financial support from the Erasmus Program and the German-French University (DFH). "The study program increases the international visibility and attractiveness of the University of Siegen," says Prof. Dr. Michael Bongardt, Prorector for Study, Teaching and Teacher Training at the University of Siegen. "Two aspects are especially worth mentioning: the course of study offers multi nationality already at bachelor level - this is usually something you only find at master level. And it gives the French language a place in the international offerings of our university."

When the three students from the University of Siegen came to Orléans in September 2016, there was an integration week for all Erasmus students to get to know the university, the city and the new fellow students. Since then, the three female students have settled in well. During the week they usually have courses at the university. They have already noticed a few differences to German everyday university life: "There are very few PowerPoint presentations, much more preliminary exams and no breaks between the courses." The Unibibliothek ( UB- library) in Orléans has a great advantage: because the entrance is electronically secured the students are allowed to bring jackets and bags into the library. "However, the UB does not stay open long in the evening and is closed on the weekend," the students say. They agree on the culinary background at the university: "The Mensa in Siegen can't be beat."

At the weekend, the students do a lot together - from cooking together to erasmus parties to trips to Paris. "Through Erasmus we not only get to know people from different EU countries, but also from all over the world," the three report.

For the future many doors are open to them. After obtaining their BA they can do a master's degree or start to work in France or Germany, for example, in corporate communications, public relations or personnel development. In order to see what is best for them, the three female students will be doing two-month internships in France during the summer.

The bachelor's degree program "Language, Communication and Economics in Europe" was officially accredited in September 2016. Currently, nine students are enrolled in this course at the University of Siegen and five at the Université d'Orléans. Admission is restricted. Language proficiency in French and English at level B2, and a successful selection interview are required. The deadline for applications for winter term 2017/18 is 15 July 2017

By Nora Frei

Informationen under www.uni-siegen.de/zsb/studienangebot/

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Britta Thörle, University of Siegen 
E-Mail: thoerle@romanistik.uni-siegen.de  
Telephone: +49 271 740-3975


Study Program Features
Bachelor Language, Communication and Economics in Europe Stay abroad and double degree (Bachelor of Arts in Germany, Licence in Frankreich) mandatory, international coorporation partner
Bachelor Social Sciences in Europe Stay abroad mandatory, international cooperation partners
Master Roads to democracy(ies) Min. 40% foreign language segment, possible stay abroad with international cooperation partners
Master Economic Policy Min. 40% foreign language segment
Master Entrepreneurship and SME Management
Min. 40% foreign language segment
Master Chemistry Min. 40% foreign language segment
Master Physics

Min. 40% foreign language segment

Master Mechatronics Min. 40% foreign language segment
Master Electrical Engineering – Option: Intelligent Energy Systems Stay abroad and double degree mandatory, international cooperation partners.