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Guest Visit from the USA

A visiting group from the USA has now been informed about current research and exchange projects at the University of Siegen. People from the chairs of Mathematics Education and the Department of English shared insight into their curriculum.

The "German-American Dialogue" of the Berlin Aspen Institute is all about the exchange of experiences and learning from each other. Within the scope of the program, a five-member delegation from the USA was now visiting the University of Siegen. Representatives from the fields of education, administration, and economy received information about international cooperation projects, especially those in conjunction with American universities. One of the goals: to gain inspiration for new partnerships. In addition to the Department of English, the Mathematics Education team also presented their international projects.

The focus was on a new offer for incoming math teachers: the exchange seminar. Students from the University of Siegen work closely with fellow students and graduates of the American Adams State University (ASU) in Colorado. The University of Siegen has agreed to a long-term cooperation in a Memorandum of Understanding. Together the seminar participants exchanged different aspects of their respective education systems, especially in the area of MINT. How are the countries handling the lack of teachers? What is the role of the central evaluation of teachers and pupils? In bilateral groups, students develop research questions and work on them together. During a visit of the Americans in Siegen in July, the results will ultimately be presented.

"We want to promote the internationalization of the education of teachers with the offer", explained Prof. Dr. Ingo Witzke, Managing Director of Mathematics Education and co-initiator of the project. "The cooperation in the Exchange Seminar is to be the beginning of a diverse international cooperation from which both partners profit. Both universities have an excellent profile in the area of teachers education."

The Department of English is also working closely with different universities in the USA. There exists a long-standing partnership with the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In addition to students from all disciplines, faculty of the University of Siegen also have the opportunity to spend one semester for research and teaching activities in Tulsa. Conversely, researchers from the US are also coming to Siegen: This semester, e.g., a guest professor from Norfolk State University in Virginia is expected.

The Department of English organizes at the end of August a wider scientific exchange. In a "Summer School", supported by the Volkswagen Foundation, teachers from thirteen different countries will be working together on the topic "Transnational Graphic Narratives". "The international exchange with colleagues from other universities is very important to us," said Dr. Natalie Roxburgh from the Department of English. "A topic which is very dear to us in English is the importance of the humanities in modern times. We are looking forward to continuing to work on this in the future through various cooperations."

Volkmar Klein, a local member of the Bundestag, had brokered the visit of the American delegation to the University of Siegen. The Aspen Institute wants to strengthen dialogue between government officials and representatives of civil society from both sides of the Atlantic. Members of the German Bundestag and the US Congress are therefore invited to further develop German-American relations with representatives of civil society.

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